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If your ex left for an ex she couldn't get over her heart was always on him due to he packed up and left her when she was in the hospital how do you make her realize your the right man for her not him?


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November 01, 2007 12:33AM

You can't make her realize she's with the wrong guy. You have to let her go and move on. Sometimes when you are in love you are blinded by all the wrongs of the relationship and the person you are with you only see and feel and do what you want. It seems to me that you shouldn't want someone who doesn't already know without you trying to convience them your worth. Let her go and search for a real woman who automatically tells you how wonderful you are and how lucky they are to have found a great guy instead of you conviencing them.

Write down on paper all the wrong you know he has done to her, let her read it. Say to her even if I'm not the one, he proved he is not.