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I'm not sure if you mean that your ex had a baby girl or another girlfriend. I'm going to assume that it means girlfriend. The answer to your question about how to get him back is to sleep with him and let him keep his other girlfriend on the side too. The answer to your question about if he wants you back is - YES! Why not? He can have you, have her too, and change his mind about either one of you whenever he wants. Of couse, neither one of these options is okay if you have any values. This guy sounds extremely confused and YOU SHOULD NOT BE DATING HIM!!!! If you have minor children, then you should DEFINATELY not be dating him!!! Please be patient and take some time to be alone for a little while and then meet someone else who knows that he wants to be with you for sure, someone who pursues you, and someone who wants more for you than "fun."

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โˆ™ 2005-10-08 15:00:37
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Q: If your ex said he wants to get back together and said he still loves you and recently told you he had a girl and wants you to have fun how do you get him back or does he even want you back?
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Why does my boyfriend wants to move out for some space but wants to stay together and says he still loves me?

all he wants is some space. he still loves u and just tell him how you feel. I no u might be upset but that's only natural. just ask him why?? then dump him:)

What do you do when your girlfriend still loves you and wants to be with you but she feels as tho you don't belong together?

You try to work it out by staying together. If it doesn't work, just accept it.

What to do when your girl friend cheats on you when shes was drunk and says she'll never do it again and that she still loves you and wants to be together?

Forgive her

How do you know if your exboyfriend still loves you?

if he still calls and wants to spend time with you, i think it's safe to say that he still loves you.

What does it mean when your ex says he still loves you?

Either he wants somthing from you, or he wants to be back with you.

Why did my ex called out of the blue?

Maybe that they have recently thought about you, and wanted to catch up. Or realize that they still has feelings for you and wants to try and get back together.

Why does he call me if he still loves his ex?

He doesn't know what he wants.

What does it mean if your girlfriend tells you she still loves you?

Well it probably means that she thinks you did something wrong, and even though you did it she still loves you and wants to work it out :)

Does your ex still wants you if he tells you he loves you?

Only he himself would be able to answer this.

What does it mean when your ex asks his mom about you?

He wants to know how you are doing and still loves you.

What do you do when your ex still loves you and wants to continue but you don't?

You should not get together with your ex if you do not wish to do so. Any relationship is valuable only if both participants are happy with it. Give your ex your regrets, and decline to get back together.

My boyfriend unblocked me on facebook but his not talking to me but he says he still loves and wants me and loves me?

If your boyfriend loves you as he alleges, his actions should the talking. If he indeed loves you, he will check on you, call you and buy you presents.

If a guy breaks up with you for another girl after 1.5 yrs you tell him you love him and he says he still loves you and wants to get back together Why did he break up in the first place?

Possibly because he wanted to see what life was like outside your relationship. If he still loves you and wants you back then he's discovered that you're the one he really wants to be with. My advice is if you get back together you need to take it very slowly and slowly find out the reasons why he left you in the first place. To avoid a repeat. Hope that helps x

How can you tell your ex still loves you and wants you back?

He will stare at you when you walk past him, and he will try flirting with you.

What should you do if your girlfriend wants a break but says she still loves you?

Just wait and see what happens.

How do you get your ex boyfriend to realize he still wants you?

he treats you better than he did when he left you and he changed who he is and how he is. he's more nicer to you and he still LOVES you for who you are.

How do you know if your husband loves you after 25 years?

The only way to tell if a husband loves his wife after 25 years is through his actions. If the husband still cares for the wife, buys her present and always wants to be in company of the wife they he still loves the wife.

If he still loves you does it mean he wants to get back together?

Not necessarily. Just because you have broken up does not mean your feelings have just gone away - he likely still love you and will for awhile regardless if your together or not. If you still would like to be with him the best thing to do is try and get together and talk about things and let him know how you feel - then you will know for sure where he is at, and then you know whether to finally let go and move on.

What should you do if your ex still loves you and wants out of the relationship he is in?

well you should tell your exs girlfriend and ask her how she feels about him still liking u

We haven't seen steph on wowowee recently is she still with asf?

found a balikbayan who wants to bring her to USA

How do you know if your ex-boyfriend still loves you We live togetherwe do everything together we still sleep together and i ask him if he wants me to sleep in his bed or the couch his bed he says?

I don't know tell more about your relationship but here are some signs: 1. does he call you ever 2. does he say he still has feelings for you 3. does he come around ever 4. does he say he still thinks about you 5. if something happen to you do you feel like he would be concern about your welfare if the answer to these questions are yes then there is a good chance he still loves you if no to two or more if these questions then no.

If your ex still loves you but won't replay to your SMS's and calls. Should I still try to talk to her?

Don't talk to her. Delete her number. If she wants to talk to you she will contact you. How could you possibly know she loves you when she won't talk to you? Move on!

Odysseus rejected calypos offer to stay with her because?

He still loves his wife, Penelope, and wants to get back home with her.

In the play the crucible when Abigail is alone with proctor what claim does she make?

Abigail claims that John still loves and wants her.

What should i do my girlfriend wants a break for a while but she saids she still loves me?

if she really loved you she wouldn't want to leave