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It may not be true love if he wants you back after all you've done to him. He may have a fear of being alone and he may be a dependent person. People are willing to take the abuse when they have a complex like fear or dependency. You need your butt kicked! How dare you! Who made you God to treat another human being the way you are. Get that nose off the ceiling and face reality and quit ego-tripping! One day someone is going to give you a taste of your own medicine. I hope this guy sees you for what you really are and he kicks your little butt to the curb! Girls like you are a dime a dozen!

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What if your boyfriend treated you badly so you broke up with him but after you find out the reason was because he was cheating on you?

Then do nothing and be glad he is no longer your boyfriend.

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Should you try to get back with someone that you used to date?

It depends on how you feel about that person and how they feel about you. Think about why the relationship ended the first time, could the same problem happen again? If you broke up because he treated you badly then he might do it again.If it's not like that and you really believe that it could work then you should go for it.

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I've been in a relationship for 7yrs first 2yrs were fine then i treated my girl very badly.just discovered emails from her to ex-bf saying you are on my mind really looking forward to seeing you?

she really loves him although she broke up with him

You broke up with your boyfriend and he said that he doesnt really care are he cheat on you?

"You broke up with your boyfriend and he said that he doesnt really care are he cheat on you?

How can you get your boyfriend to understand how badly he hurt your feelings?

Well, what I would do (if you still talk to him) then just tell him. You could confront him and let him know how he really broke your heart. It really depends on what you're aiming for. Are you wanting him to come back? Or are you wanting him to go away? Are you just wanting him to understand what he did so he won't do it again? It really depends on the situation.

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dr. mudd

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