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It's very possible. The behavior of a parent, plays a large part in custody cases. If one of the parents (or both) are considered unfit for whatever reason. It is highly unlikely they will be granted or retain custody of the child(ren). Either parent with an alcohol/drug problem would not be looked on favorably by a judge in a custody case. There would be strong potential for child endangerment and/or neglect.

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How can you be arrested for running away?

The juvenile is not "arrested" he or she is taken into protective custody and remanded to juvenile authorities. Running away is not a criminal offense as such, it is considered a "status offense" and can be adjudicated under criminal or civil statutes depending upon the circumstances of the matter.

Is drunk driving in the UK a criminal offense?

Given that you can be arrested, fined and/or jailed, yes, it is a criminal offence.

What may the punishment be on a felony evading arrest in Texas?

If you are evading arrest for a felony offense, when you are arrested your charge will be for whatever the original offense was.On the other hand, if you were in custody and then fled, you would be charged with the original crime PLUS the offense of being an escapee.

Do you go to jail after your third offense driving?

This depends on the state where the driving offense occured and what offense was commited. After your second driving offense of driving after revocation, you would most likely serve jail time.

Is a police car considered legal confinement?

Yes, if police have taken someone into custody, they are in legal confinement between the point of arrest and the police station, where they will be booked for the offense for which they were arrested.

What happens if someone hits the car in front of them and the front driver has no license?

The front driver can be arrested for driving without a license, since it is a federal offense.

What happens in Arizona if you get caught driving on a suspended license with a child in the vehicle?

If you are simply given a citation, you will be released, with the child in your custody, and order to appear in court for your arraignment date.If you are arrested, the police will either contact the child's parents or relatives and ask that they be picked up, or they will take the child into protective custody.If you are arrested at the scene, the police will either call another parent or relative to retrieve the children, or they will be placed in state custody.You may also be charged with child endangerment if you commit a traffic offense with children in the car. This may lead to more serious penalties, such as higher fines or additional jail time. If you are not charged with an additional offense related to having the child in the car, you will probably not face any penalties outside of those normally ordered for driving on a suspended license.

What happens if your out of state driving on suspended license?

Driving while your license is suspended is a traffic and criminal offense in all states. You will either be arrested or ticketed, depending on the law and practice in the state where you are caught diving.

Why don't people get arrested for illegal downloads?

"Illegal downloads" are a civil offense not a criminal offense. You cannot be arrested for committing a civil offense. However you can be brought to court and, if found guilty, fined heavily.

What is the statute of limitations on driving without a license DUI related and is this a misdemeanor or a summary offense in Pennsylvania?

If you have been arrested, there is no statute of limitations. You can't run, you have to deal with it.

What is the difference between first offense and second offense?

Your first offense is the FIRST offense/crime you were ever arrested for and charged with. Your SECOND offense/crime is the second time you were ever arrested and charged for. And so on...... . Third - Fourth - etc. The more offenses you have on your record, the harsher your sentences will subsequently become.

How can my son be re-arrested on the same crime he was convicted and sentenced to a week before?

Insufficient information is given in the question. Was he arrested for the exact same OFFENSE for which he was convicted, or was he arrested on the same CHARGE for a totally different offense? If he was arrested for the EXACT SAME OFFENSE for which he was convicted he would be in the unconstitutional position of being placed in double jeapordy.

What if you are caught fishing without a fishing license in Victoria?

That is a simple answer first offense you get a warning, second offense you get a ticket, third offense you get arrested.

What did Jake T Austin get arrested for?

he hasn't been arrested, don't believe these rumors.

While congress is in session can a congressman be arrested for a minor offense?

While Congress is in session why can't they get arrested easily

If you are charged with a Zero Tolerance offense this means that your driving privilege will be suspended for 1 year for a second or subsequent offense?

If you are charged with a Zero Tolerance offense this means that your driving privilege will be suspended for 1 year for a second or subsequent offense?

If you have a writ for bodily attachment in Florida will you be arrested in Colorado?

You will be taken into custody but I doubt Florida will pay to extradite from Colorado.Another View: the above statement is not exactly true. If the attachment is for a felony offense, there is a good likelihood that FL will extradite you.

Is drunk driving a criminal offense?

In most states, yes. One exception would be Wisconsin, where the first offense of drunk driving is a civil forfeiture.

Is driving under the influence considered a criminal offense?

Its not a criminal offense but you can still go to jail for it.

Is it illegal to use cellphone while driving in IN and OH?

Indiana law bans the use of cellphones while driving for those under 18, and bans texting while driving for all drivers. The offense is a primary offense, which means you do not have to have another offense to be stopped. Ohio law bans the use of cellphones while driving for those under 18 and texting while driving is banned for all drivers. The offense is a primary one for those under 18 and a secondary offense for those 18 and older.

Can a state suspend an out of state license?

Yes, it is possible. The state that you were arrested or ticketed in can send documents to the department of transporation in your state requesting suspension if the offense warranted it. The thing that has to be looked at is "was the offense committed in the current state a suspendable offense in your state." If not, your state may not suspend your license. But you may be restricted from driving in the offense state. This is a common occurrence with OWI/DWI convictions, and most states will suspend your license for a conviction on this offense in another state.

What is considered a traffic offense?

Speeding and not wearing your seatbelt is considered a traffic offense. Also, driving drunk and causing an accident is a traffic offense.

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