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The change to citizenship wouldn't be automatic. He/She would be automatically eligible to file a "family based" application for "adjustment of status" or a change from H-1B to Permanent Residency ("Green Card" - not really green). After a mandatory period of holding a green card, the applicant would be allowed to apply for citizenship. Contact an Immigration attorney before you go ahead with the wedding. They will need some documentation/evidence of the marriage & your life together for the eventual application. If you contact them now, you can be sure to save everything you need to.

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Q: If your fiance is from India and he has an H1 work permit will he get US citizenship if you marry him?
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I am a Pakistani now I am on the work permit visa in Malaysia Do I marry to my American fiance here If not so what will be the best way to marry her?

The best way to marry your American fiance is in America. This way, you can instantly become an American citizen. You can then work in Malaysia under a work permit. while retaining your U.S. citizenship.

Is it better to apply for citizenship as a single person and them marry your illegal fiancee or should you marry him and then apply for citizenship as a married person?

yes, apply as a single person that way when you marry your fiance you are an American citizen and it will make it easier to get him a green card.

If I apply for citizenship and then marry my fiance in their country will my citizenship petition help speed it up once the paperwork is submitted or will it only help once i am sworn in?

It will help after you have sworn in because that is the date officially become a citizen, not now.

Are the word fiance and husband same?

No. Fiance is the man you are going to marry. Husband is the man you did marry.

If you marry a woman with us citizenship can you live in the US?

if you had citizenship.

Is it illegal to Marry someone just for the citizenship?

yes, it is illegal to marry solely to gain citizenship in most countries

Can 24 years old Indian boy marry with 19 years old nepali girl?

Yes he can marry with 19 year old Nepali girl and after this she can also get citizenship of india.

What do you have to do to get a fiance visa?

Here is a list of some things that you would need to get a fiance visa; if you are a law abiding citizen, if you have met your fiance in person, if you are both free to marry, can you support your fiance in the usa.

What do you call someone your about to marry in church?

Uh, your fiance?

What will be called a boy the girl who is going to marry?

a fiance

A word for the man you are going to marry?

He is your fiance. You are his fiancee

What do you call someone that you are engaged to marry in English?


Can you as a UK citizen marry your Indonesian fiance in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and then return to the UK afterwards to live?

My fiance? Absolutely not.

Can you claim a Fiance' Visa move to the UK and marry my Fiance' while suffering from hepatitis?


Is it illegal for a citizen to marry someone from India for citizenship purposes only?

Yes. It is illegal to marry ANYONE for citizenship purposes only. That person could be deported and barred from life from this country and the citizen that married him/her could face hefty fines or prison time.

Can you marry a Colombian and stay in Colombia?

Yes you can and I know several people who have done it. Yo would have to get your residence permit from DAS and then you would be issued a cedula de extranjeria. In a few years you would also be entitled to colombian citizenship while retaining your original citizenship (Colombia allows dual citizenship)

How is fiancee different than fiance?

Fiancee is a term used by female weds to describe the man they are about to marry whereas a fiance is a term used by male weds to describe the woman they are about to marry.

What are your options if you want to get your fiance a fiance visa?

You must be a law abiding American Citizen, be free to marry your fiance, and can support your fiance here in the United States. It is a lengthy process that can cost quite a bit of money.

If a female US citizen and a male that has dual Israeli and US citizenship marry in the US how can she obtain dual citizenship?

she have to marry again in israeli

Can a jamaican marry a jamaican in bahamas an get dual citizenship?

NO....if two jamaicans marry each other it does not grant them the citizenship of the country in which they got married!

Can i bring my fiance to the us to marry him?

Nope...Try a tourist visa have them come over and head to Vegas.. then apply for citizenship (green card) for them.... In any case talk to a lawyer...

What can you do if you want to marry your same-sex partner and he wants to move back to the US although you are English and cannot enter the US as his spouse?

Effective June 26, 2013, an American citizen may apply for a fiance(e) visa for a same-sex fiance(e). The US federal government will also allow an American citizen to sponsor a same-sex foreign spouse for permanent residency, which can eventually lead to US citizenship. Same-sex marriage becomes legal in England on March 29, 2014. In the meantime, there are several US states that permit same-sex couples to marry and it is not necessary to be a resident or citizen of the US to marry here.

Can you still marry your fiance if she not a legal citizen of the US?

yes you can

What is the purpose of the fiance visa?

A fiance visa allows American citizens to bring their fiance into the United States. This visa allows the non-citizen fiance to enter the United States and live with the American Citizen until they marry.

Will you lose your American citizenship if you marry a Filipino?