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If your friend bought a house with her boyfriend and her name is the primary and they broke up how can she switch the name of the primary to his name if he wants the house and she is moving out?


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If everything else is ok, simply have all parties fill out a "quit-claim deed" and file it at the county recorders office. If there are other issues, like mortgages, credit concerns and liability, it would be good to employ the services of an attorney or other real-estate professional to assist with changing everything out of your friend's name. If there are credit issues, make certain that your friend does it right. If the boy-friend can't get a loan in his name it may be necessary to sell the home outright. If the boyfriend refuses to sell, unfortunately your friend may be stuck with having her name on the mortgage until something causes a significant change in status. That's a potentially bad situation.

== There are two issues here that can easily be solved by refinancing in the boyfriend's name, based on his salary. At that time, they can rewrite the deed in his name only--she will do a quit claim at that time. Otherwise, she could end up paying a mortgage without her name being on the deed.

Otherwise, they need to sell the house. Since they are going separate ways, the best thing is to resolve the issue now before he has sole possession.

Addition to the above answers A quit claim deed will only transfer title of the property and will not transfer the financial liability. If the underlying mortgage is "assumable" then it may be possible remove your friend from the note. The boyfriend must also qualify based soley on his income and credit (unless another person is willing to help him).


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