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Educate her on Narcissism, remind her of how awful he is. I was in a similar boat with my cousin. Her ex N was so terrible that we thought he was a sociopath at first and his attitude was often compared to that of a serial killer. He would laugh at that kind of thoughts on him, but he was truly ill. The utter lack of emotion for things he'd done. He would seem to get off on watching her hurt. We recently found out he's a narcissist. The more she can learn and apply the symptoms, the easier it will get to move on. Personally, in my situation I would find times in her relationship where he would be mimicking her likes and dislikes and each time I showed her that he WAS constantly saying that everything she says is the same as him and every emotion he had were exaggerated and she soon became more aware. Luckily I had things to compare it to. It's not an easy thing. Her ex sounds like a pathetic human being. He discarded her and disappeared I assume means he also discarded the child and that is disgusting but for a narcissist it really is nothing out of the ordinary. She is better off without this person. Distance herself from everything pertaining to this person. Block him from re-entering her life at a later date, which I have noticed Narcissist's will do. Come back for more. The child is lucky that he's gone. Take care and good luck.

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Q: If your friend has a child with a narcissist who discarded her and slandered her name then disappeared how can you help her get over the pain and the attachment 2 years after being discarded?
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Narcissists come in different personalities, but, all retain one thing in common ... control over their mate and those around them, argumentative and they are ALWAYS right. Narcissists are often extremely intelligent, but haven't the wisdom to use this intelligence in a good way and use it to destroy and play games with people's emotions. Life is a game to them. They often give off the air they are more intelligent than anyone around them (in a group) and thus the mask-like facial expression. Even some people that aren't Narcissists will put on the "mask face" to give others the impression they are deep and wise thinkers and highly intelligent. Narcissists don't have the same sense of humor as others and if someone tells a joke the Narcissist will ridicule or scoff at the joke, but in a few days or a week will tell the same joke (as if it was their own secret joke) and expect everyone to laugh at it. Those that don't are black-listed! Because Narcissists feel they are "God-like" and possess high intelligence they are arrogant and will often insult other people they feel don't stand up to their own validations of intelligence. To argue with or patronize a Narcissist is a waste of time! When I come across such people and they talk to me I'm polite, listen, seldom comment unless they ask for my opinion and if they want to argue with me I just excuse myself and walk away! I refuse to play THEIR game! So should you! == == Is is it asking if narcissists typically don't laugh, complain, or insult people? Most narcissists do laugh, complain, and insult people, even if only subtly. You shouldn't judge a person to be a narcissist based on his facial expression. Its true in some cases and not in others; unreliable. You judge a person to be a narcissist based on his or her treatment of other people and how the person acts. Narcissists frequently demean others. You will never hear words of encouragement or compliments about your abilities from a narcissist, unless the narcissist is patronizing you (back-handed compliment). Narcissists do not verbally acknowledge others with talents or gifts unless they are threatened by them. In that case the person becomes a target and is more likely to be verbally attacked or slandered by the narcissist. Being proud of one's achievements doesn't make one a narcissist; repeatedly pointing them out in order to seek affirmed does. Narcissists constantly need to be told how great they are; that is the only purpose other human beings serve to them. In the presence of a narcissist you will quickly be made aware of facts you did not ask to hear about, such as the advanced courses the person has taken and the person's standing with Mensa. Refusing to admit an error when a person does not believe he or she has made one does not make a person a narcissist; distorting the issue and belligerently arguing the point in order to always appear correct does. A narcissist will NEVER truly admit to being wrong and in the case where he or she is wrong, the narcissist will adopt the position that he or she had the correct position all the time and you only misunderstood. If a person you believe is a narcissist has a habit of sincerely complimenting the achievements of others, tries to actually help other people succeed and improve, admits that he or she has made an error on occasion, and does not often point out his or her own achievements, then you aren't dealing with a narcissist. Even if that person seems abrasive or rude, you aren't dealing with a narcissist. Food for thought (this is not directed to either authors above): If you have never considered the possibility that you might be a narcissist.... If you feel that a person who tries to explain ideas to you that you do not agree with is trying undermine your credibility..... ....and if you feel that every intelligent person who does not admit that you are correct when that person does not believe that you are correct is a narcissist, actually might be the narcissist. I totally agree with the comments of the above poster as a warning to the person asking the question. I answered the question as if the person was a narcissist as asked by the person asking the question. As the above poster pointed out facial expressions can mean many things. Personally I don't believe in arm chair psychology and I am beginning to detest the term 'narcissist' so readily used. Unless a professional has diagnosed his/her patient as such then a layman has no right to label another person (who may simply be a perfectionist to arrogant) as a narcissist. I might add that humans (no matter who) have a titch of it in their personality.

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