If your friend has a child with a narcissist who discarded her and slandered her name then disappeared how can you help her get over the pain and the attachment 2 years after being discarded?

Educate her on narcissism, remind her of how awful he is. I was in a similar boat with my cousin. Her ex N was so terrible that we thought he was a sociopath at first and his attitude was often compared to that of a serial killer. He would laugh at that kind of thoughts on him, but he was truly ill. The utter lack of emotion for things he'd done. He would seem to get off on watching her hurt. We recently found out he's a Narcissist. The more she can learn and apply the symptoms, the easier it will get to move on. Personally, in my situation I would find times in her relationship where he would be mimicking her likes and dislikes and each time I showed her that he WAS constantly saying that everything she says is the same as him and every emotion he had were exaggerated and she soon became more aware. Luckily I had things to compare it to. It's not an easy thing. Her ex sounds like a pathetic human being. He discarded her and disappeared I assume means he also discarded the child and that is disgusting but for a narcissist it really is nothing out of the ordinary. She is better off without this person. Distance herself from everything pertaining to this person. Block him from re-entering her life at a later date, which I have noticed Narcissist's will do. Come back for more. The child is lucky that he's gone. Take care and good luck.