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Probably. Bed bugs tend to live in cracks and fabric seams and tend not to move if they've found a reliable source of food. Infestations usually start from newly installed furniture or the Plumbing. Bed bugs can get into your clothes and bags and migrate into your house that way. So there is a chance your friend will bring them in to your home

Your friend can protect your home by wearing freshly cleaned clothes (that were kept in a sealed bag) and leaving her shoes outside. You can protect your home by limiting the visit to the kitchen or some other room that has relatively few places for a bed bug to hide (you want to avoid carpet and fabric covered furniture). Then make sure to vacuum the furniture your friend used, and the floor. Finally -- discuss all this with your friend -- it's okay for you to not want bed bugs in your home!

I would not suggest having them come over as this is how bed bugs spread. As anyone will tell you, bed bugs are a nightmare. It just takes one bed bug carried on their shoes, purse, or clothing to bring bed bugs to your home.

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Q: If your friend has bed bugs in her apartment should you let her visit you in your apartment?
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