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If your front tires feel like they have dimples or are waffled do you need a front end alignment or is it bad tires?


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2015-07-16 19:26:21
2015-07-16 19:26:21

The waffle pattern is called "undulation" More noticable in Goodyear and Uniroyal tires. Tire people call it a building splice. Michelin has a different building process- so it is not that noticable on their tires.

The person that answered your question first is refering to a dimple on the sidewall of many tires, and he is correct about the cause, and there is nothing wron with the tire. But if your refering to "dimples or waffeling" in the tread area its not normal and probabally caused by bad or worn suspension parts (SHOCKS MAYBE) or depending on the tire on some very light vehicles it can be caused by not rotating the tires and the problem will appear in the rear. either way once it gets worn in its hard to get rid of and will often cause lots of tire noise. Sometimes cross rotating the tires will help/ but if the tires are to far gone all you are going to do is prematurly wear out the suspension parts of the vehical.


this may also be a shifted belt in your tire this just happens sometimes if you have a shifted belt you should replace tire it will prematurely wear and eventually result in a blow out. a shifted belt will give the tire a buldge.


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My van has bad tires at front and better ones at rear, should wheel alignment be performed with bad tires?

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The alignment adjusting settings. If you are not sure, get an alignment , cheap and your tires will wear better

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Positive is toe in, the front tires point in at the front.

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If the front tires on a Mitsubish Pajero have worn on the outer wall, it can be caused by wheel alignment issues. As wheel alignment shifts, it can cause feathering of the tires.

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Wheel alignments require special equipment, but to do a rough alignment,(such as after replacing steering parts)to get you to the alignment shop, you can measure the back of the front tires at center, and the front of the front tire at center and ensure that the two measurements are the same.Then go straight to the shop. Driving with the alignment out wears tires and can result in loss of control.

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