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If by "bacterial infection," you mean "bacterial vaginosis," no treatment is needed for a male partner. If you mean some other infection due to bacteria, you might have it or you might not...go see your healthcare provider to be completely safe.

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Is measles a fungi or virus or bacteria?

Measles is an infection of the respiratory tract that can be caused by both a bacteria and a virus. Most people think of the virus strain typically, as there is a vaccine for it, and people rarely need to be treated with antibiotics for the bacteria strain.

How soon do you need to get an infection treated?

just ask luke harvey when he has a infection on his 4 skin

What can bacteria heal?

First, bacteria is already in your body. For example, you have your own ecoli. Second, bacteria is on your skin. It doesn't really serve a purpose there. But....if you have an infection, such as sinus infection, or urinary tract infection, the bacteria in your antibiotic, such as penicillin kills the infection. BUT!! For women, this may cause a yeast infection because the normal bacteria in that area is killed by the medication. Thus, you need a different kind of medication, nonbacterial for that.

Why does the blood need to be cleaned?

To stop bacteria from getting in it and causing an infection

Why does my pee burn?

It can be a sign of an infection, but you need to see a doctor to be diagnosed and treated.

When does syphilis need to be cured?

Syphilis need to treated on priority basis. Otherwise the chronic infection is the rule.

Is there any over the counter treatment for a tooth infection?

Not that works. You need a prescription antibiotic to fight the bacteria causing the infection.

Can tonsillitis be treated without antibiotics?

Some of the patients have viral infection as a cause of tonsillitis. Such patients should be treated without antibiotics. The one with streptococcal infection need therapy with tablet penicillin V.

Do goldfish eggs need clean water?

yes because if you don't the eggs can get a bacteria infection.

Why is it important for a physician to know the exact identity of the bacteria involved in an infection?

It is important for a physician to know the exact identity of the bacteria in an infection because they need to know which antibiotic to give. If the patient is given the wrong medication, then the bacteria may become immune or the antibiotics might kill the 'good' bacteria.

Can pubic lice be treated with antibiotics?

Lice are not bacteria. Antibiotics only treat bacterial infections. Lice need to be treated with louse-killing drugs.

How do you get bacteria out your vagina?

Your vagina is supposed to contain bacteria as certain strains of bacteria help to protect the vagina from infection. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, it has discharge to flush out harmful bacteria and also an acidic pH helps to maintain healthy bacteria within the vagina. As long as you're healthy you don't need to do anything to get bacteria out of your vagina, although if you have a bacterial vaginal infection like Bacterial Vaginosis you need to take antibiotics to kill excess of harmful bacteria.

What would an infection be named as a result of a bacteria that needs no oxygen?

Bacterias that do not need oxygen are called anaerobic.

Could a 2nd antibiotic course be needed for kidney infection?

Possibly. If the first antibiotic was not the right one for the specific infection (bacteria), then a different antibiotic may need to be taken. Urologists usually do urine cultures to determine the specific bacteria causing the infection, then treat it accordingly.

Do you need ampiclox to prevent infection?

Taking antibiotics to prevent typhoid infection is not advised. You will create the drug resistant bacteria by this way. That is very dangerous phenomena.

You have been having some off and on bladder discomfort and took a home uti test It said positive for leukocytes but not nitrites- does this mean you have the infection?

First - you need to visit your doctor!!! If the test is positive, which it is, you need treatment, which you can only get from your doctor! What do these results mean? It means there are White blood cells in your urine, enough to make the test positive which is abnormal. As far as a negative nitrite test... If this is positive, it means you have Gram negative bacteria in your urine and need to be treated with antibiotics. If this is negative it can mean a few things - but the 3 big meanings are: 1.) there wasn't enough time fro the bacteria to make nitrites from nitrates OR 2.) you have an infection caused by Gram-positive bacteria (which do not make this test positive) OR 3.) there may be no bacteria. Bottom line - you cannot diagnose yourself, so see a physician. A urinary tract infection can turn VERY serious in a hurry, so you'll need treatment if you have an infection!

What are signs of a kidney infection?

The symptoms of a kidney infection are blood in the urine, a frequent and urgent need to urinate, back pain, fever, and malodorous urine. The main cause of a kidney infection can be bacteria in the urinary tract.

What causes lung abscesses?

The immediate cause of most lung abscesses is infection caused by bacteria. About 65% of these infections are produced by anaerobes, which are bacteria that do not need air or oxygen to live.

How do you treat a urinary tract infection with a dog?

Uninary tract infections need to be treated with antibiotics. Contact your local vet to get a perscription.

What could be wrong if you have light green stuff coming out of your vagina?

You could have an STD or an infection. You need to see your doctor asap to be treated.

Why are antibiotics not given unless a serious infection?

Bacteria can become immune to antibiotics and the antibiotics will not work in the future when you need them. They only work against bacteria and cold and flu are caused by viruses.

Interpretation of Moderate Bacteria in Fecalysis?

Moderate bacteria results in a Fecalysis test suggests infection. A full interpretation would need to include a white cell count and color inquiry.

Does voltorol extra strength pain killers get rid of abcesses?

I am not a doctor, but I do know that abscesses need to be treated with antibiotics as it is an infection, and if not treated correctly, can have serious complications and the worst one being death.

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