If your going out with a cute spanish boy at school and you pretend to hate each other and he doesn't talk to you anymore does he love you still?

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It's likely just a fase. He's probably confused. Maybe you're his first love. Don't freak out about it.
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How can you tell if someone doesn't love you anymore if they still tell you they do?

Answer . \nIt isn't possible to know 100%, but you can tell by the way that person treats you. It could be that you have been hurt in the past and have some trust issues. You must feel insecure and afraid of losing this person. He/she could tell you 100% times a day they love you, but if you d ( Full Answer )

Does your ex-boyfriend still love you if you recently talked and he said he still thought about you most days and you have not seen each other for over a year?

Answer . Unfortunately, only you can answer this question because you talk to each other. A long distance relationship if very hard and one or the other or perhaps both always wonders if the other is faithful to them. If you can afford it and it's not too far away, try to get together. There i ( Full Answer )

If your ex cheated and you still talk to each other as friends and you both are still in love with each other how do you express yourself to this person without rambling about everything else?

Answer . I am not a believer (my own opinion) that one can be friends with an ex that has particularly cheated on you. You should both move on. I don't think either of you know what love is. Love is not cheating, lying, being unfaithful, hurting each other ... my gawd, it sounds like a war zon ( Full Answer )

Is there a way you can get him back if he once loved you more than you love him but now it's the other way around and he says he doesn't love you anymore but you still love him?

The girl i really loved and got away is always first in my heart. As long as I'm not in another relationship she could walk in my life anytime. And she did and were currently getting along great. We split on bad terms the first time. True love will climb the wall.. Answer . You can only abuse a ( Full Answer )

What should you do if your Muslim husband married another woman last year and keeps talking about going back to his country and you know he doesn't love you anymore but he says he does?

Answer . \nSweety your way to young to feel down on yourself. If you feel like your husband is not paying enough attenttion to you then tell him how you feel, are you scared he's going to leave you? or do you not want to go to his country? if so you have to tell him and let him know because your ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you told your best friend you love her and she doesn't talk to you anymore?

Are you gay or straight? . I think it matters.. Since you didn't identify your sex, it's hard to answer the question. If you are a girl, you may have just blown your girlfriend's mind. Perhaps she has negative feelings or attitudes toward gays and lesbians, and those attitudes make her angry and ( Full Answer )

Why do exes still talk to each other?

It is fairly common that two people cannot live with each other because they get on each others' nerves, but still like each other . . . so they separate but still talk to each other.

How can you tell if the boy is in love with you but he doesn't talk to you?

love is kinda big word...how bout..how you can tell if a guy is into you but he doesn't talk to you much.... he looks at you...straight at you...like stares at...and the reason why he doesn't talk to you is probally cause he can't believe he is falling for YOU..not cause of all the wrong reasons..b ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when she says I don't want to see you or talk to you anymore but we still have each other stuff?

She is obviously not interested in you anymore and it is time for your both to move on and go your separate ways. You could just put her stuff together and give it to one of her friends or leave it at her house for her - its best not to confront her. Put a note in the box if she has anything of your ( Full Answer )

Why don't we love each other anymore?

the romance of y'all relationship has withered or problems, situations of your relationship has drifted yo guys apart that you feel as if your two different people than when you met. if you don't love each other anymore then it is time to move on. And if you loved them maybe you realized the real si ( Full Answer )

Doesn't talk to you anymore?

If someone has made the choice of not speaking with you anymore then it is best you let them be, let go and move on.

There is this boy at my school and we have none each other for 4 years. We used 2 like each othr. I still have a crush on him but we never talk anymore. Now he is talkin 2 me. Does he like me again?

maybe he thought it was just to be nice to stay friends with yah since u know each other for soo long..maybe over time u guys may find a connection..right now just worry bout becoming good friends with him like u guys were before..than he may just might realize that omg..i luv this girl..lol

How do you tell when your parents do not love each other anymore?

If your parents were once a couple in love, you can tell by the difference - for example, if they used to kiss in front of people and don't do it anymore, or if they used to held hands, or hug themselves in front of people and have halted doing so. Then there's the fight-isolation sign. Some couples ( Full Answer )

My girlfriend broke up with me becaus we will be going to differint schools and she dont think it will work out but we still love each other and I think it will work?

Breakups are always hard to get over,and I would know because of a recent one. If your girlfriend doesn't think it'll work, then it won't! Both sides of the relationship have to believe in a long-lasting bond between the two, if one doesn't think so...It won't last very long. Also, not being a ( Full Answer )

Is it over if you still love each other?

You two will always love each other even if you get with other people in between. It's never over if it's a mutual love. Depending the cercumstance you're most likely going to get back together at some point once you realize that you just can't live without the person. But think about this, what was ( Full Answer )

If I have a date with an extremely cute guy this weekend but we barely know each other what should we talk about so he is still interested?

Start off by telling him a expierience that happened to you that you feel comfortable sharing.I once went to the movie theatres and someone shouted "MOVIE PICKLES".(example) Then you can say soo has anything funny/imteresting happened to you?After he tells you something like yea this one time my gra ( Full Answer )

You still love this boy but you dont know if he loves you anymore what do you do?

I think you should just talk to him about it.. I'm going through the same thing. Sometimes I feel like I'm falling out of love with him but when I'm with him everything is fine and I don't know how I could ever think that. Just talk to him about it. If he loved you before he will always love you. M ( Full Answer )

Will your relationshop still work if your botfriend hates your parents and you dont talk to them anymore because of that?

and why he hates them he should love and respect them i don't think it will work sorry but you should talk to your parents again coz they love you he can leave you but ur parents can't and wont and they will support you if he did it i was in the same situation and our relation was so serious and we ( Full Answer )

I'm still in love with my ex we had an ugly break up and after he got with my cousin and me with his boy how can I get him back even thought we don't talk but we do see each other?

You should start by inviting him to sit down and talk. Tell him you are sorry, but that you have both faulted. For it to work you both have to be open to it, so you would have to get him to agree to not put any walls up and be open. Talking openly and understanding that it is a process that will not ( Full Answer )

Can a girl fall in love with a boy that she sees at school everyday but doesn't know or talk to him?

Of course! Love is anywhere, even if you don't know the person! Ok, so maybe you don't know him but he's probably pretty cute right? Maybe you should get to know him first before you start making the wedding plans (ahaha just kidding you (:) But mayeb once you get to know him he could be a real jerk ( Full Answer )

A boy and girl loves each other but girl is going to married in two months The boy wants to know why she is not talking to him or calling him?

This boy has a problem. The girl has made a decision to marry someone else, which is her decision for her reasons (even if it's because it's what her parents want). A boy is not in a position to interfere, no matter if he loves her or not. When the boy becomes a man, he will have his chance at love ( Full Answer )

How do you get over a long distance relationship break up when you both still love each other but it is hard to go through it anymore?

Love is about loving someone more than yourself and any good relationship is about making some serious decisions in order to be together. With most problems there is always an answer even though that answer may not be exactly what you or your partner felt it should be. However, if you truly love som ( Full Answer )

Is it bad when a both a boy and a girl hate each other in middle school?

Ya cuz they are both young and they should get together (as bf/gf) insteada fighting. alltho fighting is a way of showing u care. how? cuz the person ur fighting with is doing something which is causing u 2 get in a bad mood and fight and telling them to stop is showing them how to improve in their ( Full Answer )

Do boys think pretending to be hiper is cute?

probably not. boys are just naturally more hyper for a couple of reasons. one is the instinct to show off. two is because they consume more foods means more sugar which makes them more active. three, it is just in the boys's hormone that once they get excited they will act all active and hyper

How do you get over a long distance relationship break up when you both still love each other but its hard to go through it anymore?

I've had a simular situation, what you do is you keep reminding yourself of the problem and you keep telling yourself the blunt truth of: it couldn't work out. It'll take a while but you will get over it and you will find someone who you love and loves you but you can also have the relationship you ( Full Answer )