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I am truly sorry to hear about your father's and your mother's passing. Your father should have a Will. The Will is an "Estate." This should go to Probate which means any outstanding debts your father had such as taxes on property, personal taxes, credit cards, etc., are paid off in full (you are not responsible for them) and what is left in the Estate is divided by the Heirs in the said Will which appears to be you. In Trust or not, there has got to be a Will with instructions from your father. The house was left to you. Unless you took a Credit Card out for your mother in her name then you are not responsible for any balances owing on her credit cards. If she left no Will, then it's null and void! If there are outstanding debts such as Credit Card balances owing, personal taxes or property taxes then it's possible your father had accounts, stocks or bonds as well and thus, these debts can be paid off (if there are any) and you can have the house free and clear. Many Credit Card companies have been offering a Life Insurance that due to death your credit card is paid off up to a certain amount. Check with each credit card company your parents had. I suggest you seek legal counsel for this to be sure you don't end up owing the IRS anything. Good luck Marcy

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Q: If your home was given to you in a trust by your dad and is not in your name can they take the house in CA for credit card debt left by your deceased mother - the debt is on your credit report?
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What is a Credit Grantor on your credit report?

A credit grantor is the bank or lending institution that has loaned you money or given you a line of credit such as a credit card.

How many times can a collection agency inquire on your credit report?

Unless you have given a collection agency written permission to pull a full credit report they are in violation of credit laws.

How do credit card companies use a persons credit report?

To determine if that person should be given a loan or credit card

What is purpose of credit report?

To help banks determine if people should be given a loan or credit card

What is the purpose of a credit report?

To help banks determine if people should be given a loan or credit card

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What is HICR TERM on credit report?

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How do you get past a security freeze on your credit report?

You prove that you are who you say you are, and you request that the freeze be lifted. When you established the freeze on your credit report, you were given instructions about how to 'un-freeze' it -- you can follow those instructions.

What is creditibility?

credibility is the trustworthiness given to you by the lenders which is your credit card holder. paying on time and paying in full will make your credibility higher and chances are they will make you get a loan easily because of your credit history. they will check your credit report, so make sure to keep track on your credit report score.

How do you fix the wrong social security number on your credit report?

You can file a consumer dispute with the credit bureau to make any corrections on your report. You would contact them by using the method given when you got the copy of the report. They would then get back with you to let you know how to get the report corrected. If you are disputing something that a credit-grantor has reported, the bureau then contacts the business for them to verify or change the reported info.

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There are many ways to obtain your credit report, but many of them cost money. Some credit report websites are scams, taking your credit card information and charging you monthly fees. However, your credit report can be obtained both safely and at no cost, if you know where to look.There are three credit bureaus that issue credit reports--TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Each year, you are entitled to view your credit report from each of the three bureaus for free. If you want to view your score more than once per year, you will have to pay for it. To view your free credit report, you should visit This site will take you to your report at each of the three bureaus; you can then view and print your report.Additionally, if you apply for credit and your request is denied based on your credit report, you are then entitled to view that credit report for free. If you are denied credit, you should be given a written denial. On this denial, there will be an explanation of why you were denied, as well as instructions for viewing your free credit report.Aside from these two circumstances--obtaining your free annual report, or being denied credit--you will have to pay to see your credit report. You can go to and pay to view your report.If you have concerns about your social security number possibly being used fraudulently, you should check your credit report frequently. You can also sign up for a credit monitoring service. This means that a company will monitor your credit report and notify you if there are any new credit applications or lines of credit. You can obtain credit monitoring services through or through your credit card company, such as Discover or Capital One.Disreputable websites will claim to allow you to check your credit report for free, but require you to input credit card information. These sites will then begin to charge your credit card monthly, and the charges can be difficult to remove. Always check the fine print when you use your credit card online, and do not input your credit card information to get a free credit report.Unless you are concerned about fraudulent activity, you probably don’t need to check your credit score more than once per year. So don’t waste your money paying for credit reports or getting credit monitoring services, just remember to get your free report once per year.

Does credit not take real affect at 18 and does credit reset at 21?

Because you are not legally liable in any contract until you are "of age" (18) there is no legal grounds for anything to be on your credit report. As well, your credit does not reset at 21. Things do fall off your credit report (check your state for time frame) after several years. Given that there has been zero activity( no payments...NO charges etc...)

What is the difference between free credit report and credit score?

A free credit report is a list of your debt history. It shows all of your personal information, creditors, account balances, and paid-off balances. A credit score is basically just a rating given to you by credit card companies to show your standing with them.

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