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Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Sinking Foundations?

Each major homeowners insurance policy will have its own earth movement language. There is very rarely a situation when earth movement is provided coverage without endorsement. One of the big three insurance carriers literally states plainly..."damage resulting from earth movement of any type is not covered" while other policies allow limited coverage for very specific situations employ the following policy language.... "there is no coverage for loss due to "settling, cracking, bulging, shrinkage or expansion of foundations, walls, floors, ceilings, walks, drives, curbs, fences, retaining walls". For this type of exclusion a loss associated with a broken waterline under your foundation which causes sinking/settling type damage may be covered under some policies, but not all.

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There is one exception where homeowners insurance would provide coverage to this general exclusion. This would be in an earthquake zone where the insured has purchased a specific rider which would provide coverage for only earthquake related damage.

Two alternative scenarios for getting reimbursed for earth movement damage to your home are: In a situation where there was a failure to disclose property conditions in a real estate transaction or in a situation where the earth movement damage was the result of negligence of another party which could be proved in a court of law. Contacting the offenders liability insurance or consultation of an attorney would be prudent in these situations.

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Does homeowners insurance cover hospital from a car accident?

No, Homeowners insurance is for the house. it does not cover cars or car accident claims.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to the neigborh house by your car?

No. You homeowners insurance specifically excludes motorized vehicles. You auto insurance will cover damage you did to their home with your car. Your homeowners is not designed to cover damage you do with your vehicle under any circumstances.

Does homeowners insurance cover a death of a stranger in your house?

No, Hopefully the stranger had a life insurance policy. Homeowners insurance does not provide life insurance or accidental death benefits.

Will homeowners insurance cover caregivers costs for the inured?

No. There is no way that a homeowners policy would cover any medical costs for the insured or any family or household member. That is what health insurance is for not house insurance.

Homeowners Insurance?

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Does homeowners insurance cover family members helping with remodeling house?

No, Your homeowners insurance policy is specific to the property and liabilities of the named insured(s)

Does homeowners insurance cover pantry pest infestation?

No, Homeowners Insurance Is Hazard insurance for your house, it generally does not provide coverage for pest control services. Pest control is a regular and expected homeowners maintenance issue.

Does homeowners insurance cover condemnation?

It is possible for a homeowners insurance policy to cover a condemnation. However, many factors are involved including location and size of house before a final decision can be rendered.

Does homeowners insurance cover renter's property if you rent the house?

No. They must purchase their own renter's insurance. The homeowners policy for a rental only covers the physical property.

Does homeowners insurance cover a garage door that was hit be a friends vehicle and his vehicle?

Your homeowners insurance will cover your garage door subject to your deductible since it is part of your house. Your Home insurance does not cover damage to a vehicle though. That's what Auto insurance is for. Your friend will need to contact his auto insurance to fix his vehicle.

Will homeowners cover an unregistered vehicle that hit mine on your own property?

No, Homeowners insurance does not provide comprehensive, collision nor liability insurance for your vehicles. Now if somebody's vehicle hits your house, your home insurance would cover the damages to your home.

Will homeowners insurance cover this My house had an addition built 2 years ago now the addition is sinking The inside of the house is cracking and leaking is spots the wall are starteing to pull away?

Call your company. Some companies do not cover shifting od the earth. What is causing the sinking? Check your policy under Perils Insured Against, and the section on Exceptions.

Will homeowners insurance cover damaged tile from the foundation setteling?

No, that is a maintenance issue. Insurance companies don't pay for maintenance on your house.

Will homeowners cover my car if damaged?

No, That's what Auto Insurance is for. Unless maybe your house fell on your car.

Does AAA insurance cover wood structure?

If they offer homeowners insurance I'm sure they will offer insurance on a wood structure or frame house as it is often called.

Does homeowner insurance cover damages made by your car to your neibord house?

Your Auto Liability Insurance will offer coverages for damages resulting from automobile ownership. Homeowners Insurance does not cover autos or auto accidents.

Will Homeowners insurance cover replacement of all brick on house if one brick wall falls off after foundation settles?

No. The insurance will only cover the replacement of the one brick wall that falls.

Why should you have insurance if it paid for house?

if you paid cash for the house do you need homeowners insurance

Does homeowners cover your house if your cars brakes goes out and it hits your house?

Yes, That would be a covered loss under most home insurance policies.

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