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First tell your husband that any friend of his is a friend of yours and you need to meet these people he's talking to you and any woman that wants to talk to your husband should also be able to talk to you ok let's say he did just talk over the phone technically that's cheating because he's obviously got something to say to her that he can't say to you so you should ask him to talk to you more since he can find time to talk to others. I was in a situation like this but my ex was going to her house and talking about his problems and seeking me out for sexual attention. Which I really didn't appreciate but back to you put your husband in check and let him know you are not going to tolerate other women calling him tell him you feel disrespected and how would he like it if a man was calling you and you all were having a conversation about things and asked what was he talking about that there will tell you everything you need to know if it's something he can't tell you then you probably need to kick his ass if he says "things" you probably need to kick his ass you ask him "what things?" has he been talking about if he can't answer you then the odds are two to one he has been doing some other things with someone else and kick ass kick his ass kick his ass! But don't get crazy on him and never let him see you cry you be strong when I say kick his ass then you got choices tell him to stop talking to her and talk to you or tell it's me or her and if it's her walk if not then you tell him whatever been going on with her is over and if you plan on staying with me you got a lot trust work to do and you better get started because that was first and last opportunity to ever pull a stunt on me again and be real bold about then pray both of you and ask God to forgive and ask God to forgive you for wanting to kill him and then you pray by yourself and ask to rebuild what the devil tried to destroy and it's going to take some time for you to trust him but you all sit down and talk about what's it's going to take for you all to get back on track and you do that if you want your marriage to work don't talk about anymore if you put the situation in God's hands and ask him to work it out don't talk about it anymore and don't try to punish continue being the good wife you have always been but make him earn your love and trust and you know how to do that make him work up to being the husband you need for him to be and tell him your ready for some honesty and we he screws up the next time if he screws the next time you let him know that this is last opportunity to make your marriage work the next time will be the last time he hurts you. From your question your husband has cheated on more than one occasion or you are second-guessing. If he has cheated before kick his carcass out that door because he'll do it over and over and put you through hell! If you are second-guessing then the above poster gave you some fine examples as to how to deal with this problem.

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