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Q: If your husband gives up his right does he still have to pay child support?
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In California if a father gives up his right does he still have to pay child support?

Yes, until/unless the child is adopted.

Can a mother give up all rights to the father of a unborn child and not have to pay child support?

Yes, but only if the father willingly gives up the right to child support in the divorce settlement.

What rights does a husband have to baby with a mistress?

Your husband has the right to raise the baby if he is the father. By law a man needs to support that child till he or she turn legal age. The only question now is, if your husband knows about the child will he leave you and move in with his mistress and his baby. He is in a big mess right now if that baby is his..

Should you accept husband and mistress' child?

If your husband has broken off the affair with the mistress then your husband should do the right thing and pay child support, but that does not mean you have to accept the child into the family. If the mistress does not want the child then it is up to you whether you want to help to raise that child. If your husband is still seeing his mistress then pack his bags and kick him out and either file for a separation or divorce.

Does a father who is paying child support on his daughter have the right to stop paying once his 16 year old daughter gives birth to a child?


If the father of a child gives up rights to his child in Florida does he have to still pay child support?

No, but he shouldn't try. He can file with the court to give up his rights, but it requires the approval of the mother, and she cannot be on Welfare, now or in the future. If she is, she gives up any right to child support and to making this decision.

Can a mother waive her rights to receive child support if she is just gettig food stamps?

No. If the state is providing support for the child it has the right to be reimbursed by the father.No. If the state is providing support for the child it has the right to be reimbursed by the father.No. If the state is providing support for the child it has the right to be reimbursed by the father.No. If the state is providing support for the child it has the right to be reimbursed by the father.

I you get married and your husband owes back child support will you be responsible for paying it when you get your taxes?

Not if you file the right forms. See links below

Can the current wife sue her husband's ex wife for child support?

No, a step parent have no right to the children or the child support. The husband can sue her though. If there already is a court order for child support and she is not paying, the father have to go back to court where it was issued and report that she is not following the court order.

If you are pregnant and getting a divorce does your husband have the right to give his rights away and not pay child support when the baby is born?

No. He can sign over his rights but he would still be liable to pay child support. The only time he doesn't have to pay child support is if a stepdad wanted to adopt the child, then the biological father doesn't have to pay child support if he signs his rights away.

Does mistresses have the right to ask for a financial support for her child?

In the US, at least, child support is regarded as a right of the child, not the parent. So yes... a child, even an illegitimate one, has a right to the financial support of the parents, and the mother can bring a suit on the behalf of the child.

Abusive husband seeks to communicate with grown up child?

The child is grown, and knows what the husband is like. Trust your child to do the right thing.

What if your husband and you have lived apart for past 3 years you are pregnant from your boyfriend Can you get child support from your husband or boyfriend?

Please don't be a chickenhead and put the child off on your husband,you know its your boyfriends. Just because your still married to your husband doesn't give you the right to do that to him,he can go to court and prove that you and he haven't lived together for three years and the DNA testing of the child wil prove all this. Make the boyfriend be more responsible and be a man and take care of his child. Remember the child support is not yours,it belongs to the child for things she/he needs. And if you receive AFDC,it is also for the child.

Should you tell the IRS where your ex husband is if they want him for his taxes?

It is the right thing to do. He may not like you for it, but it's the right thing to do. Will it impact your relationship with him? Will it impact his relationship with children? Will it stop him from being able to pay support or child support?

What are the steps i should take if ex husband did not pay child support?

You should get yourself right down to the family court and ask about filing a motion for contempt of a court order. The court can refer you to child support enforcement to help you collect arrears.

Does your child mom have the right to move in your home with child if they where evicted an you are not married in lew of child support?

She doesn't have the "right" to move in. If you decide to do this in lieu of child support, get a court order that recognizes this arrangement.

In the state of Georgia if father of the child wants all rights terminated is he still liable for child support?

Yes. see linksAns 2.The father has the option to waive his rights if he wants to, and if he can convince the judge that he is sane, sober and not under coercion as he does so.This has nothing at all to do with child support, which is not his right, but his responsibility. In general the mother can't waive child support either, because support is her child's right, not hers.THAT IS CORRECT.....unless the child's mother has re-married and her husband wants to adopt this child, that would release the biological father from paying child support.

How does my husband sign over his rights of a child produced by an affair in nebraska?

Your husband would need to go to the court of jurisdiction (where the child resides) and file a petition for termination of parental rights. However, it should be noted that in doing so, it will not relieve him of his child support obligations, only the right to visit the child or having any decision making input in the child's life. Child support may only be terminated if the child is placed for adoption or is adopted by the mother's spouse.

If paying child support does the father have the right to see the child?

The father has the right to see the child whether or not he pays child support. Child Support and Visitation are two separate issues. One does not depend on the other. The parties are required to obey both court orders.

Does the father have a right to see his child if he pays csa?

Child support and visitation are two separate issues. The father has the right to request a visitation schedule with his child. Visitation is not dependent on paying child support.

Can a mother has the right for support of her child?

A mother is supposed to support her child through high school, as long as the child remains in school. Children are not required to support their parents.

If the father pays child support it gives him the right to claim them as dependents?

If the child resides with you and more then half of the cost for the child is supplied by the father. The non-custodial parent can claim the child as a dependent if he has a court order stating thus. Otherwise no.

I live in MA and want to know if the father of my children gives up his parental right does he still pay child support?

See related link

When does child support stop in New York state when the child attends college?

Do the right thing by your kids and you will never have to worry about child support

Do you have a right to claim child support after 5 years when the child was born?

Yes, there is no limitation on beginning a case for child support. It's unlikely that you will get much, or anything at all in arrears from the 5 years that you did not request it, but child support is the right of the child and each parent is financially responsible for their children.