If your husband has become a lot more withdrawn and distant lately and you discover he has a secret telephone does this mean he's cheating?

Yes! This is exactly what happened to me. My husband did not buy the secret phone until I noticed suspicious numbers on his regular cell phone bills. When I questioned him he got very angry and hostile and accused me of interfering with his privacy. After investigating I learned that he had not only a long term relationship with another woman but also numerous contacts with people of, let's just say, another walk of life! My advice - check the phone bills, call the numbers - and then decide if you can live with that kind of relationship. If you can, say nothing and let it slide. If you can't, then confront, be prepared for the attack back at you, and prepare for divorce, because the minute you say something, you'll become the bad guy.

Yep, that's cheating! -- My husband (6 years of marriage) just confronted me that he is attracted with someone else; however, he said, it is only attraction not love; that he only loved me most. He said his heart belongs to me only. He met the other girl during his clinical rotation. I think the girl left the clinic so since then, he bought another cell without letting me know. It is getting worst everyday; they always on the phone talking.(morning, day, nite with 2-3hrs min) He won't let me hear it. I told my husband I am being hurt. He told me not to worry because they are only talking. There is no physical contact. Kindly please advise what should I do. Tears won't stop falling. :(

Get a damn good lawyer honey. It will be money well spent.

I've read all those answers, the one underneath was particularly interesting, but the answers both have even chances. A guy can have two phones! My boyfriend has three but it doesn't mean he's cheating. Men can have female friends too. It would be wrong for him to ignore every female on the planet. I'll bet many relationships start with friendships and for friendships to happen men will need to talk to women. Confront your husband. It's not fair to accuse him without proof. If he owns up, fair enough. A divorce is the best option but if not, tell him to ditch the phone and stop making you paranoid, make sure you laugh about it to lighten the mood or he'll think your still mad at him. If he refuses to ditch the phone, check it for evidence. Should you find a number used often, call or text the person and find out who they are.

That is a deifnite YES. Men with wives dont need female friends. Especially when you are around. Divorce him or find a project of your own. I find men can dish it out but they cannot handle it dished back. My ex-hubby was very satisfied when he had women friends to talk to. But it was an entirely different story when my male friends came around. Good luck sweetie.

The first thing I see is that if you are a married couple then there is no need or room for anything secretive. You as a wife should know where every dime of the money is being spent. And the moment that something comes up that you dont know about then that is the time to question it. Watch for behavior changes too. If he suddenly does something that he normally doesnt do then be weary of his actions. Its not spying or wrong for you the wife to monitor what he is doing if you have the feeling he is less than honest with you. But one sure way to check and see if he is cheating is to ask to see his cell phone. If he hesitates to give it to you or refuses altogether then that is a good sign he has something to hide.