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You have to list the drivers covered to drive your car on the policy. If not he is not covered.

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Q: If your husband has his own insurance for his vehicle and you exclude him the insurance on your car will he be covered by his insurance if he was driving your car and had an accident?
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Can you exclude your spouse from your auto insurance in Ohio if their license is suspended?

You can definitely exclude your spouse from your auto insurance. They shouldn't be driving if their license is suspended so they don't need insurance.

What can you do if your rates jump because of your child who will not be driving your car again?

Well if your child made rates jump due to an accident, you need to change insurance companies and exclude that child from the policy.

How do you get auto insurance for the first time when other drivers in your home don't have insurance and you don't want to put them under your policy?

Easy, you just buy an auto insurance policy and exclude the other residents from coverage by use of form 515A. Be aware though that if any of these excluded drivers are involved in an accident while operating your vehicle, The accident and any resulting damage will not be covered under a policy from which they are excluded.

Is teenage pregnancy covered under the parents health insurance policy?

Assuming the teen is covered under the policy before she gets pregnant and the plan does not exclude pregnancy for all then yes.

Use the word exclude in a sentence?

EXCLUDE : omit or leave out (often uses "from")Example: "You should not exclude the driver's name from the accident report."

Is mold in basement covered by insurance?

Probably not unless you have a special Mold and Fungi coverage endorsement that you purchased along with your home insurance policy. Almost all home insurance policies these days exclude coverage for Mold and fungi.

Can a step parent exclude a biological parent from medical insurance access?

Can a step parent exclude a biological parent from medical insurance access?

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to ATVs?

It depends on your policy perils and exclusions. Generally home owners policies exclude motorized vehicles. ATVs usually have their own insurance policies if you want to get them covered.

How do you get someone off your auto insurance if they where listed as your spouse?

Usually a written request will be sufficient if they are no longer living in the same house and will not be driving the vehicle. You also have the option to exclude a driver from your policy but only do so if you are certain they will never drive the car again. If an excluded driver is involved in an accident your insurance company will deny all coverage.

Can people get car insurance if a spouse's license is suspended?

Yes, You can still get auto Insurance on your own.. It is common for people to exclude an unlicensed spouse from from coverage on their Auto insurance Policy. This way you don't get penalized for your spouses driving record.

Do you have to add live in boyfriend to car insurance if not driving but licensed?

Most policies state that you have to notify them of all household members and drivers of the vehicle. This is something that you have agreed to do in the insurance contract. Many insurance companies will allow you to exclude the person from your insurance policy if they absolutely do not drive the vehicle. When you sign an exclusion you are agreeing that not only does the person never drive your vehicle but also that if this person does drive for any reason there is no coverage under the policy while he is driving. If you get sick and cannot drive but your boyfriend does and has a wreck they pay nothing. In order for a person to be covered they must be listed on the policy and any premium for them must be paid. Doesn't that sound fair. They are covered only if you pay for them to be covered.

Dog ate your hearing aid is it covered under your renters insurance policy?

Doubtful. Most policies exclude damage from domestic animals. Consult your policy or with your agent.

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