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You need to contact your husbands CO and/or base JAG for better advice. There ARE solutions for the problem and they can help you utilize them more effectivly than I. Do that BEFORE you do anything else.

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Do Army soldgiers get stationed in Japan?

The Army has a force of around 2000 soldiers stationed in Japan. See related link 'US Army Japan' at the bottom.

What US forced were stationed in Japan during the Cold War?

US Air Force and US Naval Bases were stationed in Japan.

Why are marines being stationed in Japan?

Marines are stationed in Japan so that they will be near enough to the far east for rapid deployment in the event they are needed in that area.

How many us troops are stationed in japan?

There are currently about 48,000 US troops in Japan

Where was Lowry's father stationed in The Giver?

Her father was stationed in Tokyo, Japan in 1948, and in Governor's Island, New York in 1950.

Why did Japan bomb?

To eliminate the US Battle Fleet stationed there.

What service would be best to join if you want to be stationed in Japan?

The Navy and Marine Corps have several bases in Japan.

Where do Nintendo work?

there main headquarters are in japan, but there stationed all over the world

Who was there when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor?

There were thousands of people stationed at Pearl Harbor.

How did US occupation affect Japan?

The U.S. forces stationed in Japan were reliant on petroleum, and this led to Japanese reliance on oil.

Why did Australia declare war on Japan?

Japan invaded South East Asia. Australia had an army division stationed in Malaya which was attacked.

Where are most US troops in Japan stationed?

The U.S. has had a strong presence in japan since the end of WW2 particularly on the island of Okinawa

How long does a package take to get to japan from US?

My boyfriend is stationed in Okinawa Japan, and in my experience it's taken around 2 weeks for him to get his packages.

Is there a US Japan?

There is not a U.S. Japan, however the United States does have various armed forces stationed in Japan. The U.S. is obligated to defend Japan under the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan.

What did the US do to affect the outcome of the civil war in china?

the U.S had 500 troops already stationed in japan

Why did Japan want to bomb Darwin's naval base?

Because there were ships that could be used against them stationed there.

What did the US do to affect the outcome of civil war in China?

the U.S had 500 troops already stationed in japan

How did the US drop the atom bomb on Japan?

From modified B-29 bombers stationed on Tinnian Island.

Is Skype available in Japan?

It should be available whereever there is the internet. We skyped our son while he was stationed in Iraq.

What does occupied japan mean?

"Occupied" means that the country, Japan in this case, has soldiers stationed there after their defeat, in this case, the United States, to keep the peace and prevent further warlike activities.

Where do get marines get stationed?

probably 80% are are spread between Cali, NC and Japan... the other 20% or so are anywhere and everywhere

How did karate come to the US?

It was brought originally by immigrants from Okinawa. Soldiers stationed in Japan and Okinawa also brought it back.

What were the result of the Japanese war to the Philippine?

US bases were stationed in the Philippines. Japan took the place in '42, then lost it to the allies in '45.

Where is the majority of the South Korean army stationed?

Majority of the South Korean military is - ironically - logistically stationed along the DMZ (De-Militarized Zone), both on land and within waters (along the East China Sea & the Sea of Japan).

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