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If your husband is bi-sexual and cybercheats only when he's wired and you know that drugs don't cause sexual changes from straight to bi has he always been bi?


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September 12, 2011 10:14PM

I'd say things aren't good for you if he's into drugs and now he's decided he's bi-sexual and cybercheating when he's "wired." Cheating is cheating.

I have often wondered if there really is acutally a category such as "bi-sexual." I can understand gay, lesbian, but bi? I'm not buying that one. That's my own opinion. With the diseases going around in our modern society and he's bi-sexual, I'd be very careful. Do you think he's worth it? I think you deserve better. You have two strikes against you .... drugs and the fact he's bi.

I grew up in the 50s and the big heart-throb was James Dean. He was every teenagers idol and broke the mold for freeing the 40s and 50s way of thinking. It gave the kids a little more freedom and gave us another slant on life. About a year after his death (died in a car accident at the age of 23) his biography said he was bi-sexual. James Dean made quotes to his roommate on this subject and said "I just wanted to experience everything life has to offer." Was he bi? Nope! In fact he only had one true love and that was a female Pier' Angela. So, the jury is out as far as I'm concerned on people who are labeled bi-sexual. You either like men or women whatever your sex may be, but both ... I doubt it.


Of course he's always been bi. You don't decide to be bi. Disregard what the biphobe posted on here. Bisexuality is a natural sexual orientation. It means gender doesn't matter, or is only a small factor. It makes as much sense as race not mattering to a person. It does not mean you need both genders to feel satisfied, so tell your husband that and that if he continues to cybercheat or cheat at all you might divorce. Unless of course you're into swinging in which case go ahead and give him the green light. It also does not mean there's an increased risk of STDs. Anyone who is promiscuous and doesn't practice safe sex is at increased risk for STDs whether they are straight, gay, or bi.

As for the drugs part. What drugs is he taking and how often? Does it seem like an addiction or just a thing he does from time to time. Many people do drugs in moderation. Remember, alcohol is a drug. Is his drug use interfearing with his responsibilities? If so, that's not a good sign, and you might want to stage an intervention.