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The state that you reside in would decide that, but the only sure way you as a spouse would have any true right to the car is if your name was on the title/loan and if you continued to make the payments on time.

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What is a husband called after he has passed away?

When a husband passes away, HE is a deceased spouse. I think you may be looking for these words:A woman whose husband passed away is a widow.A man whose wife passed away is a widower.If the surviving spouse remarries, he or she is no longer a widower/widow.

What is a wife that husband has passed away?

a widow

What you call a women that her husband is dead?

A woman whose husband has passed away is called a widow.Alternatively, a man whose wife has passed away is called a widower.

Your husband passed away are you liable for his truck payments?

Yes if he didn't have anything to pay it off with when he passed away

How did Queen Victoria become a widow?

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What is a woman called when her husband has died?

A woman whose husband passed away is a widow. A man whose wife passed away is a widower. If the surviving spouse remarries, he or she is no longer a widower/widow.

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Your husband passed away you have joint mortgage do you still have to pay mortgage?


What do you call a man whose wife passed away?

A woman whose husband passed away is a widow. A man whose wife passed away is a widower. If the surviving spouse remarries, he or she is no longer a widower/widow.

Can a wife sign away her right to care for a husband that was injury in a car accident and regain them 2 yrs later when the husband dies?

There is no "right to care for" a husband, so no, she cannot sign it away or regain it.

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Did Bob Barker price is right passed away?


Where do you look to find a life insurance policy that my husband had when he passed away?

my husband had life insurance policies in force when he passed away in 2012,but I cannot find any since I don,t have the policy number thanks, sherry ann young

Where did Madame CJ Walker meet her husband?

Madame CJ Walker met her husband in Detroit, Michigan. However, her husband had passed away before her in the year of 1887.

Your husband passed away and had credit cards in his name can they take money out of the life ins that you are beneficiary?


What happened to the brady bunch exes?

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Where is Cory Moneith right now?

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What if your ex husband just passed away are you entitled to his social security checks?

my ex passed away in June and me and our 2 kids get social security each month, but I'm not sure if that is for everyone or not.

Where does a wife stand that has been separated for seventeen months but never divorced after her husband passed away?

Legally, "widowed". If you have not divorced, he is still legally your husband.

How could you find out if your husband had a old mutual policy with you He has since passed away?

Do you have any paperwork at all?

What host recently lost their husband?

The most recent host who has lost their husband was Linda Davies. Linda is a host for the QVC shopping channel. Her husband, Larry, passed away in 2010.

My ex-husband passed away. I received a letting stating the ownership of my grown daughter's life insurance policy has been reverted to me. What does this mean?

it means that you now have ownership of the policy as your husband has passed away - in other words if anything happens to your daughter you are the beneficiary.

If husband dies without changing will does wife get anything?

Whoever is in the will gets what is said to be left to them, if the wife is in the will then she will get what the husband said is left to her. If the wife is not, then you get nothing and there is no way to change it if the husband has already passed away.