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There are many potential answers for this, and it's probably best that you consult a marriage counselor rather than looking for answers on the internet, in Cosmo or other magazines.

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Q: If your husband used to think the world of you but now you feel that he does not how do you get trust and love back into your relationship?
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How do you know if your husband is in love with the other woman in his 3 year affair what are the signs?

The 3 year relationship... ANSWER: Your husband don't need to be with his relationship for 3 years to fall for his mistress. If I'm not mistaken men do fall in love with another woman within a month, especially if his mistress has most of the qualities that his wife never have. If your husband is getting all the attention that you can't give him because you have your children to take care of, and house to clean that will make your husband pick his mistress. You don't need to ask the kind of sign if your husband is falling in love, just watch the way he is around you, then watch him when he is trying to make himself look good and always in a hurry to get out of the house. I know it's hard to accept but if its not meant to be with you, I don't think we can do anything to stop him. It's time to talk to your husband, and let him go. Divorce is not a scary world, its a start of new beginning for us wives.