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Depends on who's going to give you more money and other factors such as will your rates go up if your company pays you, etc.

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Do you have to have car insurance to be able to own a drivers license?

You don't have to have a car insurance at all. It's only your option but it's better for you/ if you have an accident the insurance company will pay it for you

Which companies claim to offer cheap car insurance for a young driver?

Most insurance companies shy away from granting insurance to young drivers because there are new drivers and pose the greatest risk of getting into an accident. Because Progressive insurance does quite lot of advertising in regards to being better than the other insurance agents, one can look into getting cheap insurance rates for young drivers from this particular company.

Where can one find information on Confused Car Insurance?

Deciding which car insurance company to go with can be confusing, but drivers are better off sticking with major companies like Geico, Progressive and Esurance.

Is cis insurance a reliable insurance company?

Cis insurance is now Co-operative insurance. This insurance company is not registered with the better business bureau and has no documented history of reliability.

What is the motto of MedMal Direct Insurance Company?

The motto of MedMal Direct Insurance Company is 'It's Better To Be Direct'.

Where can backpacker insurance be compared?

You can let your backpakcer insurance be compared at your own insurance company. You can also go to other insurance company and ask if they can give you a better deal.

What is the function of private hire insurance?

Private hire insurance is insurance provided to Private Hire drivers, or Taxi drivers, as they're better known! The function is to provide insurance and indemnification against legal and medical costs in the event of an accident.

What is the best insurance for young drivers?

Well teenage drivers can be added to many insurance policies. Some of the better ones to receive may be Progressive, Esurance, The Hartford, and Arrowhead.

How do you find cheapest car insurance for young drivers?

it depend where you live, your city,state,country, you can get information online via internet,search about different insurance company which is situated in your city,compare their quotes ,then you can get better information about cheapest car insurance for young driver,

Is First West Life Insurance Company still in existence?

My First life insurance company is Aegon Religare and it is still in existence with better life insurance plans.

How do you start a title insurance company?

What state are you asking about, and I can answer better!

What providers offer cheap car insurance in Hawaii for drivers under the age of 25?

Progressive insurance is known for providing the best rates to young drivers. They do better than any other provider.

What car has lowest insurance rating for teen drivers?

The short answer is that cars are almost always rated by themselves and drivers are rated by themselves. The two ratings are then combined and additional factors are considered to come up with a final price. A better question might be, "What car has the lowest (best) insurance rating." That car will probably be the cheapest to insure for teen drivers and older drivers. Of course, teens will pay more for their insurance overall, because car insurance is priced on more than just the car itself. If a driver is considered to be more risky because of the groups the insurance company decides they are in (e.g. teens, drivers with tickets and accidents, males, drivers with poor credit, etc.), they are probably going to pay more. The links provide information most insurance companies use when setting insurance rates on different cars.

How does Fortis Insurance give you better options then other companies?

Fortis Insurance is a very open company and has many good deals. It has better options than other companies because it is a big company and is able to put out better things you can do.

Is prudential insurance good about getting car accident claims resolved?

Prudential insurance is not a good and trusting company for cars, but they are ok for home owners insurance. For any other company would be better for you for car insurance.

Which company offers better deals than Nationwide Insurance Company?

Progressive offers better deals in most locations than Nationwide. You can get a better deal than with Nationwide Insurance by visiting the Car Insurance Comparison website. Once on the page, you can enter in your zip code to get a price comparison between most insurance companies available in the area.

Do you have to give a statement to the others insurance company if no police were called?

AnswerImportant: Always default to your own insurance company for this answer.If the other insurance company is trying to contact you, call your claim representative and ask her what you should do. Usually, your insurance company can discuss liability with the other party's insurance company without you having to get involved. You don't want to prematurely call the other insurance company and say something on tape that may cost you a better legal standing.

Is safeauto insurance a reliable insurance company?

According to safeauto insurance is one of the better sub-standard companies for insurance. You can visit their website for a quote too.

Where can you find some home insurance quotes?

Finding the right insurance can be easy, if you follow some simple steps. First, ask your neighbors who they might recommend. Then, you can go directly to the insurance company website to get a quote. There are also sites that will give you quotes for various companies. Most importantly, make sure it is a company that will follow through in an emergency. It's better to pay a little more for insurance and have it there when you need it.

What are the notable qualities that make Continental Life Insurance better than others?

Continental Life Insurance company is located in Upper Darby Pennsylvania. This company provides a wide rage of life insurance products and home owners insurance.

If I'm 16 do I have to take a drivers ed class to get my drivers license in Ohio?

No, but you should, it will lower your insurance alot...and weather you think so or not, it will make you a better driver.

What company is better State Farm Insurance or Allstate Insurance company?

"Better" is subjective. Are you looking for cheaper premiums? Better coverage? Better customer service? A good place to start might be to call an independent auto insurance broker that can check quotes with several different insurance companies for you. An independent broker works to represent you, not the insurance company, so as long as you are honest with them and clear in your needs they will work to accommodate you. Take your time to call around and check with different companies, and find one that you're comfortable with not just in pricing, but also in customer service.

When is it necessary to have events insurance Should I purchase this for my company?

Events insurance is insurance on a one-time event, such as a wedding. You'd be better off going with just regular business insurance or liability insurance for your company. You don't need events insurance for a company, just liability. Events insurance is more for things like concerts or special events that need one-time coverage.

What are some companies that offer cheap car insurance for teenagers in the USA?

Teenagers car insurance usually costs more than adults because they are new drivers and have not proven themselves to be safe drivers yet. Some companies offer better solutions for teen drivers than others. A good place to start shopping would be Nationwide and Progressive Insurance.

Is HCF Health Insurance one of the better health insurance companies?

The HCF Health Insurance company has been awarded 5 stars ("outstanding value") by Canstar, a company that compares interest values, for the last four years.