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Take a coping saw blade, file the back side of it down so that the teeth are still there but it comes to a gradual point. You can reach in the switch with this and grip the broken key with the blade and back it out.

2015-07-16 18:24:15
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If your key broke in half inside the ignition of a 1999 Nissan Sentra how would you get it out?

Needle nose plies or tweezers and praying -if not - replace the switch.

Why would the ignition key suddenly insert only halfway into the ignition in a 1991 Cougar LS?

the ignition switch tumbler on these models seem to grenade from the inside you would have to replace the tumbler

What would cause a Briggs and stratton 18.5 hp v-twin engine to run on one cylinder?

The most common reason would be the ignition coil is bad. The worst reason would be a broke rod, but you should be able to a rattle inside the engine where the broken part is knocking!

My fingers slipped of the key when I tried to start it and now theres no power to the the ignition I changed the starter battery and the ignition switch and still nothing What could it be?

u might have broke something the actual ignition lock cylinder, that would be my guess from the sounds of it.

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What would cause the A4LD transmission to stop shifting and lose power?

the shaft inside the tranny is broke.

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Why would the ignition key not turn in a 1992 Chevy Lumina?

I believe it happens when the steering wheel is turned either to the left or the right. My girlfriend didn't have my steering wheel lined up straight and broke the key in my ignition!

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What would cause no spark on a 1999 Honda civic si?

There could be several things to cause no spark, but one I have ran into is the Ignition Control Module inside the distributor or the coil inside is bad. If your plug wires are good and your wiring to the distributor checks out, then it's either the coil or the ignition control module. Both are inside the distributor.

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Where is the ignition module located on a 1991 Dodge Colt?

depending on the type of distributer, it would be inside the distributer. might check the pcm if you have no spark.

How do you replace the ignition switch in a 1994 Ford Tempo?

you have to take off the cover around the neck of the wheel the you will see a white plug that has a grey housing that would be your ignition switch. just unplug that and put a new one in they are like 10 bucks if i didnt explain that good then just im me on aim at XFallenLambX

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Why is there an oil leak inside the ignition coil?

Ignition coils contain oil for cooling purposes. If your ignition coil has begun to leak it is only a matter of time before it fails. When it fails you won't be able to generate a spark to ignite the fuel in your engine. It would be best to replace your ignition coil now before it stops working.

What would you call an easy strolling tempo?


How do you retime 1994 Montero LS 3.0L?

The ignition timing is set by mapping in software inside your engine management computer. You would have to re-map it to change the ignition timing for any specific set of circumstances. It is not adjustable externally.

Why would you have a hard time turning the key in the ignition in a 1996 Camry 4 cylinder?

The parts inside the ignition can be corroding. Solution Spray some WD-40 in there if that doesn't work you may need a new ignition. Keys can wear down and cause this problem, you may want to try a new key before replacing the ignition switch.

What could cause a car to keep running if the headlights are left on but the ignition is shut off and the key is removed?

You have a wire break in the line somewhere ... where the ignition main wire crosses the area where the headlight main wires are. Chaffing has caused a fusion there. A friend of mine had a Tempo that would start up if you blew the horn. No key necessary.

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