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If your landlord sells your house can the new landlord raise your rent?

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The new owner must abide by whatever agreement is in force. If there is a lease he cannot change any of the terms except by mutual agreement. If you are month-to-month he can only do this after giving you a proper written notice and anywhere from 30-90 days warning in advance, this allows you to either pay the new rental agreement, or look for another place to live. If this was not done, i'd recommend talking to a lawyer.

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My friends landlord lowered their rent for them and then we moved in with them and now their moving away can the landlord raise our rent back up?

If your friends landlord lowered the rent for him/her and then after moving in with him/her, he/she decides to move out, then the landlord will most likely raise the rent again.

How often can your rent be raised within a year?

If there is a lease then the landlord cannot raise the rent for the term of it. But on a month-to-month rent, in most states, the landlord can raise the rent as high as he likes.

Can your landlord raise your rent because you got married?

yes your landlord can.

Can a landlord rent out a room in a house you already rent?


How much can a landlord raise the rent?

In most states it is illegal for landlords to raise a tenants rent during their lease period. Where it is legal, the landlord can raise the rent based on the items that need to be fixed, or double it to make up for financial losses.

What is the average rent increase in FL?

Under Florida law, a landlord is permitted to raise your rent as long as its stated in your lease. This law does not specify how much the landlord can raise the rent, only that he is permitted to if your lease says he can.

How many times can a landlord raise the rent in a one year lease for a townhouse with a signed one year lease?

Your landlord cannot raise the rent within the time periods that a lease is in effect. This means, that if there is a lease in effect for one year, then the landlord may not raise the rent while that lease is in effect.

How can your landlord raise your rent base on fair market value?

Your landlord can do what he wants when your lease runs out.

Can landlord raise your rent for new kitchen cabinets?

Unless your State or locality is rent-controlled, your landlord basically doesn't have to have any specific reason in order to raise the rent. This is a business just like any other.

Can you make a sentence using the word landlord?

Our landlord is going to raise the rent again. I complained to the landlord about the leaky pipes.

If you rent from one landlord then he sells the house and you get a new landlord does the old landlord have to give you your security deposit back?

No. In the estoppel that your old landlord signs to the new landlord the security deposit is turned over to the new landlord, who keeps the deposit where it is now, or tells you where your deposit will be located.

How much and how often can your rent be raised within a year?

How much and how often can a landlord raise the rent?

Can a landlord collct rent if the landlord is losing the house due to foreclosure?

The tenant owes the rent to the landlord up the day of a foreclosure sale.

Can a landlord raise your rent after you get married?

A landlord cannot raise your rent after you get married unless your lease is up for renewal or must be restructured to add a mate to the lease. If this happens outside of these parameters, it is considered discrimination.

How much can a landlord raise rent in Trenton NJ?

A landlord can raise his price up too whatever. It's all depending on the size of the home?

Can your landlord raise your rent if you're on workman'scompensation?

More than likely yes. It all depend on the contract / renter agreement you signed. If the contract reads that the landlord can raise the rent at any given time then yes.If the contract reads the landlord can raise rent at the end of a lease term (for example 6 months.) then also yes.Unless the agreement states the landlord cannot raise rent 1. during a lease period, or 2. at all then he can raise it regardless of your income situation.You may try and talk to your landlord and explain the situation and they might have some compassion for your situation.

Can a landlord raise your rent in Charlotte NC?

Yes, subject to any local rent control laws.

Do you still have to pay your landlord if house is for sale?

If your landlord is selling the house you have to continue paying the rent for it, whether to the old landlord or to the new one. Your old landlord will give you notice about when they have sold the property, and the new landlord will give you instructions on how to pay them the rent.

Tenants right if lease has expired and landlord wants to raise the rent?

The landlord may not raise the rent during the lease but after it expires, that's different. Many areas have rent control so check for that first. If there is, then the increase should be within that limit or else you can appeal to the Rent Control Board. If there is no rent control, then the landlord may be free to raise it as much as he wants. If he's asking more than it's worth, move.

How much can a landlord raise your rent?

I don't believe any state has a limit.

Can a landlord raise the rent on a single unit but not the entire apartment complex?


Can a Michigan landlord rent a house to his daughter?

Of course.

What is a person called who lets his house for rent?


Can you rent a house from private landlord if you are blacklisted?


Is it legal for a landlord to raise your rent on an oral month to month bases if your rent was 500 and he wants to raise it to 950?

Firstly, some areas have rent control. Contact your local Department of Housing to find out. Even without rent control, there are probably laws in your area about how a landlord can raise the rent. It probably must be in writing. It probably must be with 30 days' notice (or more). The fact it is oral doesn't mean he can raise the rent orally.