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Answered 2007-02-09 15:58:32 I went to the above website put in July 18th as your due date. So your light period was probably implantation bleeding, some women will have light spotting when there period would be due when they are pregnant. Also that website goes by a 28 day cycle, So if your cycle is more or less you can add or subtract how many ever days you need to get to your cycle lenth.

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What if your period was 3 weeks late for 2 months and then you had a positive pregnancy test?

A positive pregnancy test is an indication of pregnancy. See your health care provider.

Am i definetely pregnant if my period is three weeks late and a pregnancy test is positive?


Can bacterial vaginosis mean your 3 weeks pregnant?

Bacterial vaginosis is not a sign of pregnancy. Signs of pregnancy are a missed period and a positive pregnancy test.

How soon after conception will you skip your period?

u will skip ur period two weeks after conception and ur pregnancy test will be positive two weeks after conception

If you are pregnant and have your period will a pregnancy test work?

I am 9 weeks pregnant and have continued to get my period fairly regularly throughout this pregnancy. So far I have not got a positive test.

Can you be pregnant period two weeks ago positive pregnancy test?

YES YOU CAN!!!!! You can actually get pregnant while you have your period - unlikely, but possible.

Pregnancy symptoms period was two weeks late positive hpt pregnant?

most probably yes.

How soon after a light period can you take a pregnancy test?

It is more accurate to perform a pregnancy test 3 weeks after intercourse.

Had weeks of early pregnancy signs then your period was 3 days late When your period arrived it was very light for me and stopped early am I pregnant?

you could be but most likely not. pregnancy symptoms are so common and sometimes mock pre menstrual symptoms (pms). you should get a positive result on a pregnancy test by now if you are.

How far gone are you if you are getting a positive pregnancy test now but didnt a week ago?

It depends on your period. Usually pregnancy tests pick up a pregnancy by 4-5 weeks. So if you didn't get a positive last week, you are probably between 4-7 weeks :)

Can you have a positive pregnancy test 2 weeks before your missed period?

I think the earliest accurate response you can get from a pregnancy test is five days before your missed period with the "First Response" brand pregnancy test. Although an ultra-sound can most likely see it as early as two weeks prior to your period.

How long does it take for the pregnancy hormones to leave your body after being 9 weeks pregnant and have a miscarriage?

I was 9 weeks and 1 day pregnant, i miscarried at 3 months but the baby had died at 9 weeks and 1 day, i had 3 positive pregnancy tests 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks after i had a miscarriage. On the 5th week i had my period! Five days before my period i had a negative pregnancy result.

If I'm feeling nauseous and dizzy i am on the patch and have had a pap smear 3 weeks ago can i be pregnant?

A missed period and/or positive pregnancy test are the signs of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test.

You were 2 weeks late for your period then you got it but it was very light are you pregnant?

You could be. Take a pregnancy test

You got your period 2 weeks ago but it seemed light can you still take a pregnancy test now and get a accurate result?

A pregnancy test will be able to give you a result by the time your period is due. If you test now, and it is positive, then you are 4 weeks past conception (or 6 weeks pregnant). If you are two weeks past your last period and not pregnant, you are probably about to ovulate (and possibly about to fall pregnant). So if you test in a week's time and the result is positive, you will not know for sure which month you fell pregnant. Take one now - it will tell you for sure for peace of mind.

What is the pregnancy period?

40 Weeks

If you get pregnant the day before your period is due and your period does not come how long will it take to test positive for pregnancy?

Wait for another 2 weeks and then take a test

How soon will you be able to tell your pregnant after conception?

after the actually day of sex u have to wait two weeks for an early pregnancy test to come back positive so about the time u would miss ur period. to better explain it women typically ovulate 2 weeks before there next period so is they conceive when they ovulate there period will not come on they will be 4 weeks from lmp and 2 weeks from conception and there pregnancy test results will be positive.

If my last period wasnt normal could i be further along than a few weeks?

Based on your last period and a positive test, add two weeks and you have a general idea of how far along into the pregnancy you are.

Had miscarriage 5 weeks ago not had normal period but just did pt and it was posotive am i really pregnant or is this normal?

Chances of pregnancyIt may depend on the amount of weeks pregnant you were when you miscarried. I miscarried at 14 weeks and 5 weeks later got a positive result on a home pregnancy test, which was actually another pregnancy. I would suggest that unless you lost the baby in the second trimester this positive result is indeed referring to a new pregnancy.

How many days until a missed period means your pregnant?

well when you take a pregnancy test and it come out positive you have to at least be 4 weeks pregnant for that test to positive

Can you take a pregnancy test at 2 weeks?

No, the earliest you can get a positive pregnancy test is at 6 weeks. Hope this helps!

What are the symptoms of being three weeks pregnant?

Exhausted Headaches Dizziness Missed period Positive pregnancy test Feeling sick

How many weeks pregnant do you have to be to get a positive pregnancy test?

One to two weeks.

Can a pregnancy test be positive at 2 weeks?