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It will be valid until your policy is cancelled. Remember you have a responsibility under your insurance contract to notify your insurer of any change in your license staus. Failure to do so could result in a refusal to pay a claim and could be construed as a violation of your contract terms.

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If your learner's permit expires before you become fully licensed do you have to retake the test in Pennsylvania?

No, you can renew the learners permit for another year at a cost of 5 dollars but you must do so before it expires. If you let the current learners permit expire you will have to take the test again

How can a licensed acupuncturist become a licensed provider for insurance?

You can take an exam to sell insurance for various companies. Being a licensed acupuncturist has nothing to do with being an insurance salesperson.

How can I become involved in the auto insurance business?

You will need to be trained and licensed to sale insurance. You can get training with the insurance company you would like to represent.

How can I become a licensed insurance agent?

In order to become a successful licensed insurance agent, a person must receive a Bachelor's degree in Business or Economics. Insurance companies like to hire people whose academic background includes courses in math, finance, economics, accounting and business.

Do insurance agents have to finish insurance course to become an insurance agent?

Yes, in order to be become licensed, the insurance companies must get an insurance certificate and must complete pre-licensing courses. The certificate program lasts approximately 18 months.

How should I plan to become an insurance agent?

To become an insurance agent, most companies require an agent to have a college education. You will also have to be licensed with your state. You can read more at http://www.insureme.com/insurance-agent/becoming-an-insurance-agent.

How can you become a life settlement broker in the state of California?

You have to become licensed. Contact the CA department of insurance licensing department and ask them.

How do you become a pet insurance agent in NC?

In order to become a pet insurance agent you must be a licensed P&C agent in NC. There are several pet insurance companies that offer commissions to agents including ASPCA and Embrace Pet Insurance.

What are the job requirements to become an Aetna insurance agent?

You need to make sure that you are a licensed insurance agent for the state you want to sell insurance in. You also need to be appointed by Aetna.

How do you become a pet insurane agent?

You need to be licensed to sell property and casualty insurance and then get appointed by a pet insurance company to sell their policies for a commission

How do you become a provider for workmens compensation insurance?

First, you would need to become a licensed insurance agent. Once that has been accomplished, you can either work for an agency that brokers workers compensation insurance or open up your own firm.

Do you need insurance to learn to drive?

To learn, no. But you need insurance once you become a licensed driver, or you need to be covered under your parents insurance. In most if not all states, it is against the law to drive without insurance.

Where could I attend training in Texas to start an auto insurance business?

In order to start an insurance businees,you must first become licensed. You can get training with the insurance company you would like to represent.

How to become agent in reliance general insurance?

You will have to contact the company. If you are appropriately licensed you can ask them if they are accepting agent appointments at this time.

How does someone get licensed and bonded in Washington?

To become licensed the type of work that requires a license needs to be specified. Bonding then is a type of insurance which assures that the work will be carried out in a professional and timely manner.

What schooling is needed to become a licensed insurance agent?

There is no mandatory degree to become an insurance agent, however, normally at least a 2 year associates degree is required. Tuition and textbook costs will vary depending on the school.

How do you get licensed to write title insurance?

California has set criteria for an insurance UNDERWRITER to become approved to issue insurance. Start with the California Department of Insurance. Their website is: www.insurance.ca.gov Becoming an AGENCY has a separate criteria than an UNDERWRITER being approved to issue insurance.

What license is needed to sell dental insurance in Pennsylvania?

You would need to become a licensed insurance agent through the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance, dental insurance specifically falls under the category of "health insurance". You can get your PA Health Insurance license by itself, or, more commonly, together with a life insurance license.


You have to research what you need in your area different states require different things to qualify for this position, most states require you to be licensed so you have to take a test and pass to become an insurance agent.

How does one become licensed and bonded for a local cleaning service business?

Check with your state and local government to see if you have to be licensed. Your state insurance department is your best resource for insurance-related questions and concerns. Find information on insurance companies and agents, rate quotes and comparisons, insurance buying tips, claims filing information and much more! State Insurance Department websites: http://www.naic.org/state_web_map.htm

How does one become licensed and bonded for a home remodeling company?

There are 2 ways to become licensed to do home remodeling in Florida. 1) Study & take the test to become a General Contractor. 2) Put an ad in the newspaper or on Craigslist for a qualifier for your company. To get bonded, you need to call an insurance company or Google it.

Does a home based child care center need commercial liability insurance?

To become licensed child care center, you are required to have commercial liability insurance. However if becoming licensed is not your goal, commercial liability insurance is not necessary. You should consider increase your home owners insurance to protect you in the event of accident. Most insurance companies will provide you additional coverage for people wanting to do a start a home based day care.

How do I Become an Insurance Agent?

You must complete a training course and pass an exam before you can become a licensed insurance agent. You can visit http://www.learninsurance.com/insurance-continuing-education.cfm?gclid=CPGgt4Ck_6kCFZBS7AodLDNP0w to find out how to get started and complete your training entirely online.

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