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I assume you're a woman. If you're not carrying lots of fat, why do you want to emaciate yourself to fit the ideal of the gay men of the fashion industry?

strech you legs for 20 minutes everyday! trust me it works! youl notice a difference affter 2 weeks. good luck.

2010-03-02 19:31:01
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Does a muscle need energy in order to contract?

in fact no but do you do you know which is your biggest muscle itis your butt really everyone thought that it was your heart but it isn'tits the butt.

What is your butt made of?

Fat tissue, muscle, and skin. Not in that order.

When you starve what muscle goes first?

Well, fat will go first. Then excess muscle will begin to go. (Thighs, butt, and breasts.) After that, the stomach and calves and upper arms will get thinner.

What is the glutes muscle?

Your ass(butt) muscle

Is your buttcheek a muscle?

yes your butt cheek is a muscle

How thick is the a hippos skin?

as thick as your butt if your a guy! MY TEACHER TOLD ME

Is the butt thick skin?

yes it is

Is your butt a muscle?


What is kept in a butt?


What muscle is the strongest muscle pound for pound?

thighs and butt

How do you increase your butt size?

You exercise and bulk up the muscle in your butt and your butt will look and be larger.

Is there any way to loose muscle in your butt?

It is easy to lose muscle in your butt. All you have to do is stop exercising every day.

What is the strongest muscle in your body?

Your Gloots. (Your Butt)the tongue really NO its your butt

Do shots in the butt hurt?

It usually does because your butt is your biggest muscle.

How can you get thinner butt?

Running is best overall or a treadmill if you have no place to run.

Does your butt have muscles?

Your bottom is a muscle.

How can you make my waist thinner and my butt bigger?

You can increase your butt size if you have anal sex more often. . .and i dont know how to make your waist thinner. . .=/. . .im tryna figure out tha same thing girl. . .=)

What muscle produces the most heat?

Bigger the muscle the more production of heat the biggest muscle on the body is the butt muscle.. So exercises which exclusively incorporates the butt muscles produces maximum heat

If your butt jiggels when you shake it does that mean you have a butt?

Everybody has a butt. The butt is just your gluteus maximus muscle. The jiggling is from the fat on top of the muscles.

Where would you find the gluteus maximus muscle?

the gluteus maximus muscle is your butt.

What is the thick end of a snooker cue called?

The butt.

What are the largest muscle groups in the body?

Your butt

What is the butt muscle called?

Gluteas Maximus

What is your butt muscle called?

gluteus maximus

What is the strongest muscle in the child's body?

the butt