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If you had an early ultrasound, say around the middle of September it is probably accurate and you were having a long cycle.

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Could I have conceived in August despite a lighter period but missed it in September?

It is possible, yes. After your first ultrasound, the doctor can estimate an exact date for you. Congratulations!

Could an ultrasound scan tell you if you conceived on either 18th Jan or 25th Jan?

No, but your due date can

If an ultrasound on the 17th Sept said you were 14 weeks and 1 day and you conceived 11th June is there a way it could be off by 5 weeks as your midwife said you conceived in May?

i would go with what the ultrasound says as it is almost 100% accurate.

Could you still get your period a week after you conceived?

Generally, no. Pregnant women do not have menstrual cycles.

What could borderline thickened endometrium mean in a transvaginal ultrasound if you already have your period?


Last menstrual period- april 6th . supposedly conceived april 20th . is it possible I could have conceived march 23rd which was 2 weeks before my lmp?

Yes, that is possible. You can still have a period while pregnant, thought it usually looks like spotting or gets lighter. You could have also conceived while on your period. I hope I helped!

How accurate is an ultrasound if you do not remember your period?

If you do not remember the date of your last period you can have an ultrasound to determine your due date. More than one ultrasound throughout your pregnancy may be required because ultrasounds are not always accurate. They could be out as little as a couple of days by a matter of weeks.

If you went to the doctor and they did an early ultrasound and said you were 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant could you have an early ultrasound at 3 weeks and 3 days pregnant?

There would be no gestational sac visible @ 3 weeks. YES At 5 weeks 3 days pregnant by ultrasound, you conceived 3 weeks 3 days earlier.

If you have a period can you still have an transvaginal ultrasound?

Yes, I was on my menstrual cycle. I informed the tech and he said that it could still be done.

Could you of conceived 3days before your period?

yes. anyone can conceive at any time as long as there is an egg present with a sperm.

You are 24 weeks you are due June 24th you were told you conceived early Oct but your periods are off you go every 21 days and only 5 days Could you have conceived in the middle of Sept?

If you have been told from an early ultrasound that you are due June 24th your likely conception date is around 1st October. If however you are working from your last period then it is likely to be a week earlier as you have a short cycle. (englishangel)

My ultrasound puts me at 21 weeks preg that would mean I was feeling movement at 14 weeks took cheap home test at 3 weeks now measure 26CM and not sure of LMP could ultrasound be off by 3 or 4 weeks?

my ultrasound said that my last period was nov25 could it be right

What does it mean if my lower stomach is sore?

You could be lactose intolerant.. or it could just be period pain.. or gas?? if in doubt the doctor is the best bet - just in case u need an ultrasound you don't need an's like your sick or anything.

If an ultrasound estimates that you are seven weeks pregnant could it be off by a week?

Not really. Babies grow at pretty precise rates and therefore conception is pretty easy to answer at this early in your pregnancy. You are more likely to have your dates mixed up or that you conceived at a different time than you thought. Yes the date could be off a bit but ultrasound dates are usually pretty clear and accurate on dating embryos. Its all down to the measurements taken of the embryo and last period etc, that give a estimate of the conception date. When an ultrasound shows you are 7 weeks pregnant it actually means you are 5 weeks from conception. Pregnancy is on average 40 weeks from the start of the last period. This is because in the days before ultrasound this was the only date we knew. You don't actually conceive until 2 weeks after this date.

How early can a baby be detected in an ultrasound?

If you have a good Dr.,, I would say almost straight away... I have an EXTREMELY irregular period and when I was pregnant with my daughter I hadn't had my period for like 5 months although when they did an ultrasounds they told me I was only 5 weeks along... Naturally they did an intrauterine ultrasound on me because it gives them a better look at what they knew could be a very small baby and it was... she was a peanut lol... an intrauterine ultrasound is exactly what it sounds like... it is a ultrasound device but it is on a long stick-thingie... they have to do the ultrasound by placing the ultrasound device, instead of on your belly, on your cervix... it doesn't hurt.. I could barely feel it...On the flip side... if the Dr. is not looking for a pregnancy, say he was giving you an ultrasound for another reason, I imagine a very early pregnancy since it it something so teeny could be missed...Greenidparalegal

Could you be pregnant if you had a normal period last week but you thought you conceived three weeks ago and you got sick and dizzy two days ago?

yes you could be pregnant but its unlikely because of the normal period. do a pregnancy test.

If your last period was not 7 days could your conception date be wrong?

Conception dates do not depend on the length of your period. Your due date is based on the first day of your last period. Your baby was actually conceived about 2 weeks later.

When did you conceive if your first ultrasound showed you that you were 5 weeks pregnant on June 8?

It depends if you were five weeks pregnant or five weeks from conception. If five weeks pregnant you conceived around 18 May, if five weeks from conception you conceived around 4 May. If you could see a heartbeat you were 5 weeks from conception.

Vaginal ultrasound at 7 weeks no baby I am measuring 5 weeks but could it be a miscarriage and they aren't telling me i go back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound?

I understand what you are saying when you say messuring, they messure the sac and it calculates what the size is to get the age of the sac/fetus.

Will an ultrasound show heartbeat if you are 6 weeks pregnant?

You could see a heartbeat if they do a transvaginal ultrasound.

Are you pregnant if 4 hpt tests were positive but nothing showed up on an ultrasound is this normal for being 5 days late for your period?

this could be normal. it can take up to 6 or 8 weeks for a fetal heartbeat to show up with a vaginal ultrasound.

If an ultrasound showed you were 19 weeks 2 days pregnant can you count back to see when you conceived?

Ultrasound gives an estimate of the age of the foetus. At this stage of the pregnancy, it's quite accurate, but it's still only an estimate, and the date of conception could be a few days, even a week, away from the date 19 weeks and 2 days ago.

I want to know when i should take a pregnant test?

You start counting the weeks from the first day of your last period. So if you miss a period you count it as 4 weeks even though you only conceived 2 weeks before. This is because in the old days women didn't know when they conceived and had no tests or anything so could only count from the monthly period. Term is now counted as 37-40 completed weeks from the last period.

When could I have conceived I am 38 weeks pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if your period was late and only lasted three days?

Yes it's possible. And to everyone saying you can't have a period when you're pregnant..WRONG

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