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If your lost your license in NJ can you get a driving privilege in NC?

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No. State DMV offices can access your driving history automatically from every state. Even if you don't mention you've had a license in NJ, it would still come up in NC's database. I speak from first-hand experience.

2015-07-16 18:15:24
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Can you get a nc driving permit if you have tickets for driving with no license?

No you have to pay your tickets first then.

How many digits are in driving license number?

Varies by jurisdiction. My NC license had eight; my Colorado license has nine.

Drivers license are suspended in SC but have expired drivers license in NC can i renew NC drivers license?


Can you get your driver's license if you drop out of high school in NC?

If you already got it then yeaahhbut if you dont then the answer is NoIf you are younger than 18 and have dropped out, you cannot get your driver's license. If you have your driver's license and then drop out, the license will be revoked and you will be driving illegally.

If you have your drivers license but quit school in nc will you lose your license?

The only reason I can think of where you might lose your license is if you have a hardship license so that you can drive to school. Otherwise, if you have a good driving record and insurance, you should be fine.

Can you get your license back if you have a warrant for your arrest in NC?

Can you get your license back if you have a warrant for your arrest in NC

Do I need to be state licensed to own an office cleaning business?

This sdepends on the state in which you are located. Some states you might not need a a license, in NC a privilege license is required from the state. Also some counties and localities have their own requirements.

How many driving miles is it from asheville nc to Murphy nc?

The total driving distance from Asheville, NC to Murphy, NC is 111 miles.

How many points do you get on your driving license for speeding in nc if you are under 18 years old?

It depends on how much over the limit you were going.

What is the driving distance from Charlotte NC to Jacksonville NC?

The driving distance is about 235 miles.

If you have a suspended Florida drivers license but now reside in North Carolina with a valid North Carolina drivers license can you drive in Florida for work?

If your driving privileges had been suspended in FL it is surprising that you managed to get a NC license. HOWEVER, since you managed to get one, if you are stopped in FL you will still be charged with a violation, regardless of whether or not you have a valid NC license.

Do points transfer from a North Carolina ticket to a Pennsylvania driver's license?

Yes, points transfer from an NC ticket to a PA drivers license. Your driving record is your entire driving record from wherever you receive points and tickets. They are kept in a national database.

Driving distaNCe between welcome NC and Charlotte NC?

The driving distance from Welcome, NC 27295, USA to Charlotte, NC, USA is 62.4 miles.

Driving distaNCe Charlotte NC to kitty hawk NC?

The driving distance from Charlotte, NC, USA to Kitty Hawk, NC, USA is 368.54mi / 593.1km

What happens if you are caught driving without insurance in NC?

If you get caught driving without insurance, you will lose your license. You will also be fined and could get jail time. It is up to the judge in traffic court.

Does a 13 need a nc fishing license?

In NC, a person under 16 can fish without a license in public waters, accompanied by an adult with a license.

Can states refuse to honor another states driver licenses where it would be illegal to drive through that state?

A state can suspend your priovilege to drive in that state even though you hold a valid license from another state. For example, if you receive a speeding ticket in NC while driving with a PA license, NC can suspend you from driving in NC but PA may not suspend your driving privileges.Added: The same thing applies to drivers permits. Some states honor them, some states do not.

Can you obtain an NC drivers license if your license is suspended in ny?


Driving distance from Raleigh nc to Richmond va?

driving distance from Raleigh nc to richmand VA

What is the driving time from Raleigh nc to naples Fla?

Driving time from Raleigh NC. to Naples FL.

What is the statute of limitations on driving with a revoked license in nc?

If a ticket has been issued they are not subject to a statue of limitations. The offender has already been informed of the violation.

How do you transferr Florida drivers license to nc drivers license?

Move to NC, establish residence, go to the Drivers License Office with your Florida license, proof of residence, another form of ID, and money.

What is driving distance between asheboro NC and ocean isle NC?

Plan on 3 hours driving time.

What is the driving time from Cabarrus NC to Cary NC?

Google Maps estimates the driving time as 2.5 hours.

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Google Maps estimates the driving time as 2.5 hours.