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If your lowbeam headlights do not work but your highbeam functions fine where do you troubleshoot?


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2015-07-16 19:29:28
2015-07-16 19:29:28

I have the answer to your question about troubleshooting your headlights on your vehicle. I would isolate the wire that comes from the headlight switch to the headlamp bulbs for low beam and check to see if there is a short in the wire. You can find this wire by using a test light turn on the key and get a good ground with the test light poke the wire and see if the test light illunimates with the headlight switch on. Good luck!

check the wires, and check the fuse for your lowbeams. could of blown a fuse on your lows, but your highs will still work.

Every single time I have had a failure of low beam in a headlight without failure of high beam, it has been because the lamp bulb or halogen lamp module has reached the end of its serviceable life, not because of any wiring problems. Low beam burns out first because it is on the most. If low beam is lost simultaneously in both headlights, I would check fuse first, then the headlight switch. If low beam is lost on one side only, it is almost always going to be due to the bulb or lamp module needing to be replaced. In that case, replace them in both headlights because the other one will be going kaput in short order, as well.

ya i second that notion -anonymous feb '05


Measure for voltage at the light bulb clip first. It could be a bad set of bulbs. If you have no voltage, check fuses, and then check for voltage before the headlight switch. It could be a faulty headlight switch. Measuring a few voltages will tell you what the problem is.

Change the headlight bulb. 99% of the time it is the bulb that is the problem.

Most definitely check out the headlight dimmer control switch .... Ron J.

the lamp is probably bad easy to check look at it. hi beam light do carry more current and tend to fail sooner


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Lowbeam is an H7, highbeam/DTR is also H7

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I have to suggest the light switch is bad. A simple voltmeter or test light may help you test voltages. I have to suggest the light switch is bad. A simple voltmeter or test light may help you test voltages.

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I am actually having this problem.. here is mine... see if it relates to you. My headlights (on regular, low beam) do not work. I cannot get them to come on in the high beam either. But, if I pull the blinker arm forward for the passing flash thing, they light up on high-beams (only for as long as I hold the lights on). I have found the problem to be a thing called "Multifunction Switch". My car is a 1997 Ford Taurus G.... See if that helps you any. It was my underlying issue and mine is getting fixed tonight. :) Good luck

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