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  • You should get over the "snogging" and grow up! There is more to life than sex and rock and roll (no matter what the signs say!) I don't think you have any idea of what a successful relationship is all about and you just proved it. Why hit on the guy when it means nothing? Because you are egotistical and you "just had to do it to prove a point." That's immature. A person that is independent and self confident wouldn't be that careless and they would care enough about their mate by not going there in the first place. Do your mate a favor and just end the relationship. You're not ready to settle down.
firstly, find out if your mate still likes him, if yes just say that she was giving off some signs, if no than just tell her. be honest but dont be stupid if you understand me.
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โˆ™ 2009-10-14 20:48:22
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Q: If your mate broke up with her boyfriend and then you snogged him at a party but you don't want anything to happen with him should you tell your mate?
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Should a girl in year 8 have been snogged by the age of 13?

Yes, it is certainly appropriate, in these modern times, to be snogged.

What is the best thing to talk about with your boyfriend?

the best thing to talk to your your boyfriend about is everything and anything you should be able to talk to your boyfriend about anything and everything and both of you should be able to feel comfortable about any conversations he should talk to you about anything and everything even if its just nothing on your mind you should be able to speak your mind with him.

What should you do if your boyfriend doesn't get you anything for Christmas?

slap in the face

When your alone with your boyfriend should you do anything to him?

That is up to you.No one can really tell you how to run your relationship with your boyfriend.

Your daughter is 12 and already has a boyfriend should you be concerned?

No you shouldn't, because to me its just young love. It is their choice to be in a relationship, and since their young, i doubt anything big will happen. So you should not be concerned at all.

What are some things my boyfriend and i should talk about?

Absolutely anything that interests you.

Should you get back with your ex-boyfriend?

i do, it depends, why you broke up! i dont see anything wrong with it x

What should you do if you want to snog your boyfriend but he's never snogged anyone before?

You just kiss him and see if he likes it. -- Maybe he'll be a natural, so why not teach him? It's not hard to convince a boy to kiss you especially if he already likes you.

When do you kiss your boyfriend?

There Should Be No Type Of Set Date To Your First Kiss With Your Boyfriend, But When The Time Is Right It Will Happen, Don't Rush it !!

Should you ask your boyfriend to come cycling with you?

yeah why not ? :) who knows what might happen :)

What should you get your 18 year old boyfriend for his birthday?

Anything he would appreciate!

What should you do when your boyfriend doesn't care about anything or try to and he doesn't listen to anything you say?

Break up with him! He is not worth your time!

Should you trust your heart on who to pick your boyfriend or your ex?

yes you totally should .you should always trust your heart on anything with relationships.

How do you find out how far your boyfriend wants to go with you?

Just Ask Him . If He's Your Boyfriend, You Guys Should Be Able To Tell Each Other Anything .

What type of question you can ask your boyfriend?

you should be able to ask your boyfriend whatever you want and talk about anything. you can ask him his favorite color or hobby.

How should you make out with your boyfriend?

it will come naturally to you when it does happen don't be scared that your not the Best or your terrible they love you for who you are not what you do.

Should a 13 year old girl have a boyfriend?

as long they dont do anything bad is ok.there parrents should meet.

What would you get your boyfriend for Christmas?

really he should want anything that you have to give him..espeicaly if it comes with a kiss

What should you do when you boyfriend is to forward?

tell him if you don't then he's going think he can say anything too you

You are in highschool and you are going to an Imagine Dragons concert with your boyfriend what should you wear?

Just wear anything colorful if you are going to the Imagine Dragons concert with your boyfriend.

How old should you be to snog?

about 16, possibly 15 but it depends on the reason why you snogged and whether your parents approve of kissing at least.

Did Caroline Flack snogged Harry from one direction?

Dont know if you should say 'snog' but they have kissed and been together.

You don't want to go further with your boyfriend... you've only been going out for three days and snogged and he has felt your tits. He said next time you could do something extra - what should you do?

"he said" is not enough reason to go further. This should be a mutual relationship.... progress must be at the speed of the slowest, don't be rushed or pressurised into doing something you don't want to do. Be very certain of this - he will be lying if he says that "all girls would do....." whatever it is he wants you to do. Ask around and see if any of your friends know anything about him.... find out if he is talking about your relationship, and possibly already exaggerating to his friends about what you and he did..... guys do this (I'm a guy, I know!) Should anything unpleasant happen, he will walk away unaffected

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