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All assets and debts of the deceased are paid and distributed under the probate laws of the state. If the deceased left an estate that does not contain any nonexempt assets, the debts will become null and void. It is the responsibility of the executor or executrix of a deceased's estate to notify creditors to prevent litigation procedures from being implemented. Once notified that the deceased's estate has been entered into probate. creditors have a time specified by state law to file a claim. If the person died intestate, state probate succession law (sometimes referred to as Universal law) will apply. In this situation, the deceased's debts are not the responsibility of surviving family members, however no assets or property can be distributed to beneficiaries until all debts have been satisfied in accordance with state probate law.

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Q: If your mother dies and her spouse has preceeded her in death who is responsible for the debt that she has in the state of KY?
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Is the spouse responsible for medical bills after death of a spouse in Colorado?

s the spouse responsible for medical bills after death of a spouse in Colorado?

If you have a civil wrongful death before you are married is your spouse responsible?

if you have a civil wrongful death suit before you are married can your new spouse be held responsible

Is spouse responsible for federal tax after death?

The estate is responsible for all debts, including taxes. The spouse benefited from the income.

Who is responsible for Spouse credit card after death?

The estate of the credit card holder. If the surviving spouse was an approved user, or co-signee they would also be responsible.

Is spouse responsible for debt after death in Alabama?

The estate will be primarily responsible. The spouse indirectly will pay, as they cannot inherit until they are resolved and they benefited from the debts incurred.

Is spouse responsible for medical debt after spouse's death if bills were incurred prior to marriage?


Is a surviving spouse in Pennsylvania responsible for repayment of a credit card debt when his deceased wife was the authorized user on an account that was held by her deceased mother?

No. Only the account holder is responsible for repayment of debt incurred on a credit card. An authorized user is not responsible for repayment, but in this case if the now deceased AU continued to use the account after the death of her mother (the account holder), the AU's estate might be responsible for any charges made under such circumstances. In any event, the surviving spouse is NOT responsible to repay the CC debt.

Is the suriving spouse responsible for her husband's car loan if she is not on the loan?

I live in Illinois and when my spouse passed away 7/31/08 I was not responsible. I just called them showed them the death certificate and had them pick it up.

Is the wife responsible for husbands debts after death in Virginia?

In Virginia the estate will be responsible. The spouse indirectly will pay, as they cannot inherit until they are resolved.

Is wife responsible for husband's medical bills after his death?

In general the estate will be responsible. The spouse will pay the bill indirectly, as they cannot inherit until they are resolved.

Are spouses responsible for employee loans after their death?

In most cases a waiver has to be signed that states the spouse will not be responsible. This is especially true for credit cards. If you have signed a statement in contract that states in case of death... it depends on what it states; responsible or not responsible, again it is all in the fine print. There may be a waiver on a loan if the spouse had no knowledge of said loan if loan was signed into being prior to a wedding date.

Is the surviving spouse responsible for deceased spouse's medical bill in California?

Unless the spouse signed any documents incurring liability for the deceased's medical bills, they are not responsible. The deceased's ESTATE is responsible for the medical bills, and all other obligations owed by the deceased at the time of their death.

In Illinois is spouse liable for deceased debt?

Yes, because the death does not really matter in terms of debt. One is responsible for any debts of their spouse anytime and all the time.

Who is responsible for your credit card debt after your death and your spouse has given you power of attorney due to dementia?

Your estate will be responsible. Indirectly, you wife will either have to pay it or get a smaller inheritance.

After death in PA is a spouse responsible for a utility bill?

While the estate has primary responsibility in Pennsylvania, in most cases they will be held responsible. They are deemed to have benefited from the use of the utility services.

Am I responsible for my husband's medical bills after death in Pennsylvania?

Indirectly, the estate is responsible for the medical bills of the deceased. Only after they are resolved can the estate be closed and any remainder distributed to the spouse.

Who murdered Mother Teresa's father?

Political opponents are thought to have been responsible for his death.

In California is a spouse responsible for a deceased spouse's credit cards?

If your name is on the account you have to pay. If not, you need to send a copy of the Death Certificate.

Who is responsibe for spouses debts in case of death?

The estate is responsible to resolve all debts. Once they are resolved, then the rest can be distributed to the spouse.

Who is responsible for medical bills after a death if the husband co-signed but does not live in the US?

The estate will be responsible. The spouse is going to pay indirectly as they cannot inherit until the bills are resolved.

Primary card holder deceased with no will spouse joint on house is she responsible for card death?

As long as the couple did not reside in a community property state and the spouse was not a joint account holder the spouse is not responsible. However depending on the probate laws of the resident state, a portion of the deceased's estate may be used to pay outstanding debt(s).

Am I responsible for credit card debt or tax debt on death of spouse?

The estate of the spouse is responsible. IF both are on the same checking account then the FULL amount of that checking account can be considered the spouses estate too. Even if the account is closed just prior or just after death, then the amount in the account months prior is still considered a portion of the estate.

Are you the surviving spouse even if you were not cohabiting with your spouse at the time of death?

IF you were legally married then you are the surviving spouse whether or not you had lived together at the time of his death

When your mother dies does her common law spouse have rights to her personal bank account?

Only if it is a joint account or payable on death to the "common law spouse". If it is a sole account in your mother's name then it is a part of her estate.

Is a wife responsible for a husbands medical bills after death in Oregon?

In Oregon the estate will have responsibilty. The spouse indirectly will pay, as they cannot inherit until they are resolved.