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I think that if your father was (and/or still is) a US citizen, then you are also a US citizen no matter where you were born. It should be rather easy to get an american passport in the US embassy or consulate in the phillipines for you. As for your mother, I believe that she has to apply for a US visa or "green card" based on her marriage to your father who was/is a US citizen, or thru your US citizenship if you are over 21 years old.

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Q: If your mother married your father in the Philippines in 1970 and he was a US citizen would your birth there help her get US citizenship?
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Can you register a child born in Philippines with Australian father as a Australian citizen?

Yes you can. The Australian father can apply for Australian Citizenship by Descent through the Australian Embassy.

Can a child become a US citizen if he or she is born out of wedluck in the Philippines with a US citizen father?

NO! yes!my baby is a us citizen even if she born in philippines and not yet married as long as the father acknowledge her and had the DNA test with the US embassy whlle applying with her passport.

If a person was born to a Philippines mother and a US father in the Philippines do they have dual citizenship?

Unfortunately, no. The government of the Philippines does not allow dual citizenship.

What is the citizenship of a baby with a Canadian mother and a filipino father born in the Philippines?

the child will be a citizen of both countries the country that the child is born in and wherever the mother or father is from like say the baby's mother is a filipina and the father is an american the child will be a citizen of both countries

Can a child become a US citizen if he is born in the Philippines with a US citizen father?

When you get citizenship through parents you need to apply for the citizenship certificate.For this the immigration Form N-600 should be filed. If your parents were US citizens but you were not born in the US, you are still legally a US citizen by birthright. You may be able to prove your citizenship and claim it by filing Form N600 (Application for Certificate of Citizenship).

Father of Hitler citizenship?

Hitler's father, named Alios Hitler, was a citizen of Austria.

Can a foreigner who enters this country legally gain citizenship if she becomes pregnant from a US Citizen And is she required to show proof that the US Citizen is the father?

No. Not even marriage to the father grants gives you citizenship. You have to apply for naturalization.

Does a baby born to a US citizen mother and Mexican citizen father have automatic dual citizenship?

Yes, the child is entitled to hold citizenship of both Mexico and the US.

You have an American father and Korean mother born in Korea on a military base what citizenship are you?

You have an automatic American Citizenship as the father is an American citizen. It doesn't matter whether or not you are born on a military base or if your mother isn't a American citizen.

Citizenship of a child born in Mexico of an American mother and a Mexican citizen father?

He is both Mexican and American. He has dual citizenship.

If my mother was still a German citizen when I was born in Ft Lewis Washington to a US father can I apply for German citizenship and have dual US German citizenship?

Yes, you can apply for German citizenship and be a dual citizen regardless of the fact if your mother was still a German citizen or not.

Do I become a Panamanian citizen if I marry a Panamanian?

If my step mother is Panamanian and my father is from the United States and have been married for more than 25 years. Can, I apply or due I qualify to become Panamanian citizen or dual citizenship? In this case does my step sister have dual citizenship? How due I obtain ?

What is the citizenship of a child with a Japanese father but born in the Philippines and mother is a Filipino?


Im born in India . My father has a green card does that mean I am a US citizen?

No, unless your father has acquired US citizenship prior to your birth, you cannot claim US citizenship by virtue of birth abroad to a US citizen.

Was obamas dad a US citizen?

No, there is no evidence that his father received U.S. citizenship. His mother was a citizen, and the president too is a citizen, since he was born in Hawaii in 1961.

What is Barack Obama's citizenship?

He is a citizen of only the United States. At birth he was a citizen of the United States (thus a natural born citizen.) He was also entitled to British citizenship through his father which then became Kenyan citizenship when Kenya became independent, but as Kenya (unlike the U.S.) doesn't allow dual citizenship and because he didn't renounce his natural born U.S. citizenship, he lost his Kenyan citizenship at the age of 23. So he was technically a dual citizen until age 23 he has been purely an American citizen since.

What is a citizenship of a child with American father and filipino mother?

Citizenship has nothing to do with where the parents come from. You're a legal citizen in the state that you're born in.

Would having a birth certificate only be absolute proof of citizenship in US if father was not a citizen mother did not meet requierment for citizenship?

This question is meaningless, it is missing punctuation. But the answer of the question "Would having only a birth certificate be absolute proof of citizenship, in the US, if your father was not a citizen and your mother did not meet the requirements for citizenship?" would be no. For example, Czech birth certificates have nothing to do with US citizenship.

When you get citizen your father is us citizen you and your father live together in us and you 23 yrs?

Depends if you are also born in the United States. Check with the United States Citizenship and Immigration.

A child born in Mexico the mother is Mexican and the father is American citizen does the child have duel citizenship?


Can a mother who is a non us citizen get custody of a child with us citizenship the father also has us citizenship?

If the court says the mother can, nationality is not a concern.

What were the requirements of the citizenship in ancient Greece?

The requirements of the citizenship in ancient Greece was that men under the age of 18 would not be a citizen. In 451 B.C the rules of citizenship became stricter. Men could become citizens only if their father and mother's father were citizens. Slaves could not vote or choose their own jobs. Women that were married or unmarried could not own land. Out of 300,000 inhabitants of Tyrants only 45,000 could become citizens

Can you keep your duel citizenship when the father of your son in the UK if you are a 25 year old duel Australian citizen with a four year old son has duel citizenship?

Yes, you can keep you and your son's duel citizenship and still marry the father of your son in the UK.

Does Martin Lawrence have US citizenship?

Yes, he does. His father was an American citizen serving military in Germany when he was born.

How many citizenship when a child was born in the US of a Chinese father and a Filipino mother?

A child born in The United States of America is automatically a citizen, regardless of the parents' citizenship. I do not know how many children have non-citizen parents.