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there is an 70% - 80% chance for you getting it depends how bad it is


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Assuming the partner is infected, you have about a 2% chance of being infected.

Sometimes it not common but hardly it can be infected there's a 2/100 chances of it getting infected It is more likely to be infected if the tooth wasn't properly packed.

Women, when infected with chlamydia, usually transfer it via sex toys and oral sex. It is common, and chances are good that if your partner is infected, you will catch it as well.

A very good chance. A splinter leaves a whole that could get infected.

I think you have a wrong information, the reason behind the same is there are 100s of doctors who have treated disease like Vitiligo. The chances of getting cured depends upon the time for which you are affected by Vitiligo. If you got infected recently then there are 90% chances that you'll get cured.

if you keep poor hygiene, chances of infectio are high.

There is really no way to tell if it will get infected or not. They usually do not. You can increase your chances of no infection and proper healing by using good hygiene and following the instructions that you were given.

Studies have proven that your child will be 4 times more likely to get infected by the HIV virus in his lifetime than other children.

Your chances of conceiving will not be affected if you urinate or not.

It would be more for the appearance of the teeth. Infection is not likely depending on how much tooth is broken. Chances are if there is pain it has affected the nerve root and needs attention.

Are you sure? Chances are good it's not infected, but the Internet is not the place to find out. Get your self into your local professional body piercer, only the trained and experienced eye of a professional body piercer will be able to tell you if your piercing is infected or reacting to something.

Studies show that up to 60% of babies born to women with chlamydia will be infected. Up to half of these will become ill with pneumonia or conjunctivitis due to the infection.

You can become infected with HIV/AIDS by sharing needles with a person who is already infected with the disease. If you share needles you are sharing blood. If the blood on the needle contains the HIV virus it will then be passed into your bloodstream when injecting.

well if you dont have HIV and neither does you partner then the chances of getting infected by this desease is from 0 to none, unless you work in a laboratory, nurse, jobs that require you to deal with blood... jobs like that put you at some risk of accidentally getting infected by HIV or any other desease.

Yes, you can get chickenpox. With increasing rates of immunization, the chances are lower, but it can still happen if you are not immunized or haven't been infected in the past.

Chances are greatly reduced; but since condoms have a 2% failure rate, you can still possibly be infected with HIV.

You probably have a fake antivirus on your computer because all programs can't be infected (the chances are low). I would recommend scanning with software to remove the fake antivirus.

Of course you can. And with a probability of 99.9%. The virus is in the blood so your chances are bad.

Some estimates say 50-60% transmission from infected man to uninfected woman (after one act of intercourse), and 20% transmission from infected woman to uninfected man after one act.

When my lip piercing got infected, i bought this product called bactine (which you can purchase at a drugstore). You simply spray it on the affected area and of course wipe away the excessive liquid. The great thing about this product is that when sprayed on contact, it actually relieves the pain. Do that as a sort of cleaning routine and it may possibly go away. Also, since the regular bactine is around $10, i bought the generic brand which worked quite well, cause my piercing is no longer infected, but you dont have to take your chances. Hopefully this works for you like it did for me. If not then you should see a doctor about it.

These eggs are not safe to eat if you do not want to take chances - bacteria may have infected them, a dangerous possibility to your health.

no there are no chances of getting leucoderma to child. There is only slight possibility if both parents have leucoderma to their child otherwise not. Thanks

in diamond and pearl you gotta go to the underground. your chances are affected by your id .(even good,odd bad)

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