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Until you are 18, or emancipated, you are subject to your parent's desires. They can report you as a runaway.

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If you have a Florida state learners permit can you drive in Michigan with it?

Only if you are with someone who is over 21

Do points transfer over if someone gets a ticket in Michigan and they are from Pennsilvania?

yes if you get points on your license they do carry over most people do not know that but they do

Can someone eat a ten pound meatball?

Over time anything is possible.

What was the difficulties that Fred Hollows faced and over commed?

I can not find anything on why and the difficulties he faced when moving can anyone help?

When things go wrong and starting over is the best strategy someone might say?

keep moving forword.

What flags flew over Michigan?

The flags that flew over Michigan were Spanish, French, English, and United States.

Rosebowl winners last ten years?

2008 USC over Illinois 2007 USC over Michigan 2006 Texas over USC 2005 Texas over Michigan 2004 USC over Michigan 2003 Oklahoma over Washington State 2002 Miami over Nebraska 2001 Washington over Purdue 2000 Wisconsin over Stanford 1999 Wisconsin over UCLA 1998 Michigan over Washington State

Is real?

No it is a repeated Video of someone, watch it closly you will see the man moving the same way over and over (it scared the heck out of me though!)

How much can you pay someone without filing a 1099?

599.00 anything over 600.00 you need 1099

How many swimming pools are there in Michigan?

Well there are believe it or not Over 900 Pools in Michigan.

What is special about Michigan?

Michigan has over 11000 lakes and lots oh historical landmarks

What is the population of Lansing Michigan?

The population of Lansing, Michigan is just over one hundred and fourteen thousand as of 2011. Lansing, Michigan is the capital city of the state of Michigan.

How old do you have to be to ride 110cc mini bike in owosso Michigan?

You need to have a valid driver's lisence to ride anything over 50cc, so I would say 16.

What can happen to a 27yo dating a 16yo in Michigan?

technically, nothing. It is not illegal to date someone underage. It is illegal, however, for someone over the age of consent to have sex with someone under the age of consent. (the age of consent varies slightly from state to state).

Can someone with a felony work in law enforcement?

No i don"t think so... you cant have anything over a mistimenor

Did Michigan and Ohio have a war over Columbus?

No. The fine people of Michigan want nothing to do with Columbus.

What year did Michigan Agricultural College finally get its first win over the University of Michigan?


What year did Spain's flag fly over Michigan?

1781, over Fort St. Joseph. Of course it wasn't actually Michigan back then, but whatev.

Must you have permit to homebrew beer in Michigan?

Not for your personal consumption. Each individual can brew up to 15 gallons a year for their own use. Anything over that requires a license.

How much does it cost to graduate in the Michigan state university?

I don't think it costs anything to graduate over and above the normal tuition and fees for taking the classes required to do so.

What do you do when you won't to be with someone and they won't to be with someone else?

Its their own choice whether they want to be with someone else or not. You can't change anything. I would suggest finding another spouse. Its only a crush. You will soon be over him/her.

What does choosing someone over anything any day?

It means that the person who said that really likes you and would rather spend time with you than anything else any day

If someone is 14 and going out with a 22 year old is it illegal?

nope anything over 4 years apart is petifile

How do youget over someone you loved 12 years ago?

that's a hard one, its best to try get over them by moving on? find someone who is complete diffrent. or you can see if his'/she's still single, and see how you guys get on?.. you might be lucky to get back with him/her? depending on his/her feelings for you.

Is a Canadian one cent 1919 worth anything?

Yes, one Canadian cent. Unless someone (perhaps someone who was born in 1919) wants to pay over the odds for it.