If your mum knows that you are a crossdresser because she has found her clothes under your bed on many occasions but still hasn't said anything what does it mean?

* There's no way a stranger can read your mother's mind. Could be that she's minding her own business. Could be that she's waiting for you to bring it up. Could be that she has no idea what to do and will eventually post a question like this: "I keep finding my clothes under my son's bed. What does it mean?" * Why don't you try talking to her? Maybe first you could look at a few sites of people who have gone through the same thing and have some good advice about it. You are not alone. * Your mother is a very loving and smart lady. She probably feels it's a phase you are going through and you will get over it and she doesn't want to embarrass you. It's also a high probability that she is waiting for you to talk to her and it would be wise of you to talk to your mother. She has unconditional love for you and will love you no matter what you do. Talk to your mother as soon as possible and tell her why you enjoy wearing her clothes.