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Usually no, both people have to meet the criteria to open the account. I went through this with my husband because his ex-wife (when they had a joint account) wrote a ton of bad checks, thus his name got on this stupid Chex System. The only way we could open a joint account was with a cosigner. But.... every bank is different. I recommend going in personally and talking to the person being upfront and honest with them. --------------------- It all depends on your chexsystems record and it is under bank discretion. Typically, if you have a chexsystems record that indicates that you committed gross ATM overdraft abuse, fraud, floating, unpaid NSFs and overdrafts, most banks DO NOT open accounts for you. However, if it has been over 2 years, and the amounts owed were paid back, most banks would TRY to work with you. However, if the person not on chexsystems (let's abbreviate it to CS to save some typing time) is already a member with that bank, has a high balance, and a good relationship with the bank, many banks will make the exception for the account to be open. If the non-CS person comes into a bank they don't have an account with, with a person on CS, the likelihood of that account being opened is slim to none. Remember, the one not on CS would be the primary and take ALL responsibilty for any losses that the joint owner may accrue. Most banks will look at a CS record and see if them as a bank would want to risk losses, and if it under the best interest of the PRIMARY to be put at such a high loss exposure.

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Q: If your name is on Chexsystem but your boyfriend has a good credit history are you qualified to open a joint account?
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