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Yes. If your name is on anything you are jointly responsible for a bill and vice versa.

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Q: If your name is on the insurance card are you responsible for the bill too?
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Who is solely responsible for a wife's credit card debt?

if it is under your name and she is an additional card holder but the bill comes to you I think you are responsible for the debt.It might be worth asking your credit card provider.

Where on my insurance card can the provider name and number be found?

Where is the provider name and number found on my insurance card

Is the second card hold responsible for bill?

if you mean credit card, it is the responsibility of the PRIME (meaning the person in whose name the card is under) card holder, so it is only ethical that the second card holder pays their own charges,

Are you responsible for the debt if you are a 'card holder' on your deceased father's credit card account?

If you have a card with your name on it usually you are considered a joint account holder and are responsible for the debt incurred on that account. If a consumer is listed as an authorized user (they do not have a card with their name) he or she is not responsible for the debt.

Will wife have to pay credit card bill in death if no estate if not in her name?

The estate is responsible for the debts of the decedent. Send a copy of the death certificate in with the bill to notify the creditor of the death.

In Illinois is your wife responsible for your credit card debt if the card is in your name only?


In Canadian Law am I responsible for my spouse's credit card debt?

NO, not if my name was not on that card

Who is responsible for the insurance if a car is financed in your name but your sister is making the payments and driving it?

If the car is in your name then you are responsible for everything. If she wrecks it and is at fault, the person that she hits is going to go after you because the car is in your name. But she is the one that needs to be paying for the car insurance. call a insurance company they will help you,

Which name do you use for a medical record legal name or the name on the insurance card?

Your legal name.

If my name only as the owner is on a car but my daughter who has her own insurance on the car was in an accident could you be legally responsible?

No. Car insurance is insurance on the car not insurance on the driver.

Are spouses responsible for credit card debt in Kansas?

If you are a joint applicant, then yes, but if the card is not in your name, then no.

If a credit card has a person's name a business name on it is the person responsible for it or the business?

the person

In New Jersey is a spouse responsible for the credit card debt of her husband if the credit card is solely in his name?


Who is responsible for a ticket while driving without car insurance?

The person in who's name the the ticket was issued is responsible for the ticket.

If surviving spouse is insolvent is she responsible for credit card debt in Arizona a communty property state if her name was not on credit card and she never used credit card?

The estate is primarily responsible. However, a spouse is normally considered to benefit from such debt and can be held responsible.

Is your husband responsible for your credit card debt in ill if it is at a collection agency?

If his name is not on the card,(He did not sign for the card) Then NO! And credit cards are unsecured loans.

What kind of information is required when going to renew a European health insurance card?

The information that is required for each person renewing a European health insurance card is: their full name, their date of birth and their National Insurance (NHS) number.

How do you know which car company you are insurance with?

Seriously, you do not know who you pay your insurance premium to. How about you just look at your proof of insurance card, that you are required to keep in your vehicle at all times, and see what companies name is on that card. Or look at your bank statement and see who you payed for car insurance.

Is a spouse responsible for the credit card debts in the other spouse's name in New Jersey?

If the two of you are married, I believe you are responsible.

When someone assumes your finance payments are you no longer responsible for the vehicle?

IF you transfer the title and loan out of your name you are not responsible. IF NOT, and they don't make the payments, or have insurance on it, YOU are responsible for all aspects of the vehicle as you still OWN it. the name on the title & loan is the responsible party.

If legally separated are you responsible for their medical or credit card bills?

yes if they have your name on it

If you are selling someone your car and thay wreck it who's liable for it?

If the title, registration, and insurance are still all in your name, you (or your insurance company) would be responsible.

Is a wife responsible for husbands credit card debt after his death with no estate or will?

If the card is in his name, only, there may be an out. You will need to get legal help.

If I do not have a car in my name with insurance will my SR22 cover that. I have an insurance card but not on a car it is my name. The car I am driving does not have insurance coverage.?

Please call (877) 765-6248 and speak with Signature Services,they offer home health and hospice programs.

Who is responsible for credit card debt if your spouse dies and the credit card is in his name only?

It all depends on what state you live in. Contact the credit card companies they can tell you

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