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Yes but the owner needs to be named and all driver info need to be given too.

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Q: If your name is on your car title and registration can the insurance for your car be under someone else's name?
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What do you need to put insurance on someone elses car?

Registration, license plate number and title right?

If you buy the car can it be registered in someone elses name?

No. Whoever's name is on the title is going to be on the registration and insurance also. You can pay for the car and title it in somebody elses name, but at that point you've given them a free car, because you have no legal rights to the vehicle at all.

In Ohio can a unlicensed person be on the title?

They can be on the title, but not on the registration or insurance.

If you are selling someone your car and thay wreck it who's liable for it?

If the title, registration, and insurance are still all in your name, you (or your insurance company) would be responsible.

Can you register a vehicle if the loan is in someone elses name?

If your name is on the title

Can you get register for a tag if the title is in someone elses name?

Not unless that other person is there with you.

Can you get tagregistration and insurance on a car that doesnt have title?

no, not legally. you need title to get registration, unless you know a shady character.

What to do if your car's registration and insurance papers are stolen but you still have the car?

You should still have the title to the car. If you take the title to the Dept of Motor Vehicles they will have record of your car's registration and will issue you new papers. The insurance company will also have record of your policy and can issue you a new insurance card.

When using a line from a song as a title do you put quotations around it?

yes if it is from someone elses work

If the title to a car is in your name but the name for the car loan is in someone elses name who has legal ownership?

If only your name is on the title and the loan is not listed as a lien on that title then you are the legal owner. If someone else obtained a car loan for you then their name should be on the title to the car with yours. The question of ownership should be addressed if someone was kind enough to borrow money for you to have a car. The car should have full insurance coverage in case of an accident.

Can you buy a car and put the title in someone elses name?

NO!!! I think that's illegal unless you have that person with you.

If someone bought you a car but your name is on the title and registration can they take the car away?

No. The title is the document that establishes ownership.

What paperwork is necessary to purchase a car in PA and register in NJ?

registration insurance title drivers liscence

You have your car's registration in your name and insurance in pervious owner's name that is not transfered to your name.Can you drive the car this way?


How much is it to change your car title into someone elses name in san antonio?

how much is it to change car titile name

Renew an expired vehicle registration in NJ?

Go to a NJ DMV office with the old registration, proof of insurance and checkbook. Fill out the forms and the nice people there will give you a fresh document. If no registration exists take the vehicle title with you.

Do you have to have a current auto registration to file a claim?

One has nothing to do with the other unless the insurance carrier is asking for the registration to show that the vehicle belongs to you. Often times they will require you to show them a current copy of the registration or the title to the vehicle. The registration is used because most vehicles are financed so the bank or finance company would have possession of the of the actual title since they are the leinholder.

What if your name is on the title of a vehicle but does not show on the registration?

Take the title in to your DMV and show it to them, and get a new registration.

If I lost my license plate on my utility trailer and the VIN is faded on the label how can I get that info?

Check the old registration, title and/or insurance papers.

Can you trade in a car if you don't have current registration or insurance on it?

You don't need insurance to trade but you do need proof of ownership. If you don't have a title, then contact your Motor Vehicle division and ask for a replacement.

What is a title insurance producer?

Generally speaking, a title insurance producer is the same as a title insurance agent.

How can you obtain ownership of an abandoned car if you have the title it's just in someone elses name?

== == You need to contact the DMV in your state for the correct way to do this.

Can you get car insurance if your name is not on the registration?

By saying that your name is not on the registration, I assume that it also is not on the title. If you or your spouse do not own the vehicle you cannot insure it. It doesn't matter how you ask the question. You must have interest in the vehicle to insure it.

Does Florida law require title insurance to transfer a property title?

No, Florida law does not require that title insurance be issued. The only requirement to transferring title, is that a proper deed be recorded. However, having said that, if you are buying a property from someone, title insurance is greatly recommended. Title Insurance is the only thing that protects you in the event you receive a fraudulent title, or you later find out that there are undisclosed liens or encumbrances against the title. I would never buy any property without the protection of a title insurance policy. If, on the other hand, your parents are transferring to you their property, and you already know the history of the title, title insurance would not be needed.

Can you change a title with someone elses name on it?

A title cannot be changed without the owner of the vehicle signing off on the seller line. A title can be transferred and a vehicle registered by a person other than the registered owner in most states.