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it is the person's job who dug the whole to fix it and it is the other neighbors decision for how long they have to do it or they can sue.

2006-09-06 21:42:48
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What is the difference between natural and artificial boundaries?

Artificial boundaries are man-made, like a windbreak planted by a property owner or property lines between you and a neighbor. Natural boundaries are nature-made, like rivers and streams.

Our last neighbor Mike wanted to tear down the fence between his and your property .are there any mistakesin this sentence?

Our last neight

Can you paint a wall facing your property although the wall is owned by neighbor?

If there is a written (and signed) agreement between you and the owner of the property which states that you can have it painted. Having it in writing is just a precaution so you dont get in trouble because as you stated, the property is not your own.

What is civil crime?

A civil crime is a crime that is between two or more people or businesses. For example, a civil crime is when a neighbor puts fence on another property.

What do real estate property managers do?

Real estate property manager is responsible for all issues related to Company's Real Estate Management. He is responsible for increasing sales and solving issues between company and its clients. They are also expected on a wide variety of services that constitutes to all the tenants, landlords, or owners of the property to the property management company.

Good neighbor policy?

good neighbor Policy was between the USA and what country?

What is the difference between neighbor and neighbor?

People in the United States spell it "neighbor". Everyone else spells it "neighbour". That's it.

What property of transition metals is responsible for their characteristic ductility malleability and conductivity?

the sea of electrons shared between metal atoms

Is HOA responsible for property maintenance between fence and street in the US?

Read your governing documents to determine the boundary that defines ownership of the strip in question. If the HOA owns it, the HOA is responsible for its maintenace. If not, then whoever owns it is responsible.

What is the difference between being on the home mortgage title or the deed?

If you're on the deed you own the property. If you're on the mortgage you have agreed to pay for the property. You should always be on both. Never agree to be responsible for paying for property that you do not own.

How tall can a neighbor build his fence between your property and his?

That type of issue is governed by local building ordinances. You need to call your town clerk and inquire about fence regulations.

Can a neighbor refuse to allow their existing fence to be joined by a new one on the adjacent property?

Yes, they can refuse. The fence is their property, so you must have permission to join their fence to yours. If not, you can build to the edge of your property line, leaving a gap between the two. You can have your property surveyed to determine your exact property line, and if their fence is on the line you can connect at those points only. You can also make them remove the fence if it's on your property.

In what way is Romeo accidentally responsible for Mercutio's death?

Romeo tries to prevent Mercutio and Tybalt from fighting by stepping between them. Mercutio gets distracted by Romeo and this gives Tybalt a chance to stab Mercutio. By trying to keep the peace, Romeo accidentally causes the death of his best friend.

How do you get section 8 housing neighbors evicted in Michigan?

An eviction is a matter between the landlord and the tenant, not neighbor-to-neighbor. If a neighbor is causing problems you have the right to call the police to help you. However, if you know that your neighbor is on Section 8, and you feel that a violation of their voucher has occurred or is occurring, such as having too many people living there, you can write to the Housing Authority that is handling their voucher (in some areas there are a few Housing Authorities that can service the voucher for the same property).

What is the difference between and a log?

I accidentally the whole thing.

What was the Good Neighbor Policy between the US and Mexico?


Does dispute with extension with neighbor covers legal cover in home insurance?

No, Your home insurance policy provides coverage for property and liability losses resulting from the covered perils. Typically Fire, Wind Hail, accidental injury etc. Legal disputes not related to the covered perils between you and your neighbor would not be covered.

What is difference between immovable and movable property?

compare between movable and immovable property

What is the difference between renting a property and having a mortgage?

The difference between renting a property and having a mortgage is that when you have a mortgage you are buying the property.

Explain the difference between a Windows Form object Text property and its name property?

1. Explain the difference between a form's Text property and its Name property.

What is the difference between a Farmerama neighbor and a buddy?

A Neighbor would hand you a bar of soap, a buddy just waits for you to pick one up.

If your neighbor and you have a common fence face-interchanging sides separated by a 4 inch wood between the sides is it legal to put a 3 inch high net over your fence on this 4 inch wood?

Depends on who owns the fence, i.e. whose property it is on or who bought it in the first place. Often one person installs a fence (maybe 3 owners ago) then allows the neighbor to install wood on their side of the owners fence. This wood is the owners wood but people do it cause it is cheaper than installing a second fence on their own property. If you own the fence (its on your property) then you can do whatever you want including tear it down. If it is on their property they can tell you what you can or can't do. The best thing is to go to the neighbor and actually talk with them about what you'd like to do.

Are joint tenants equally responsible for the mortgage?

Yes. Joint tenants are equally responsible for paying the mortgage. However, you should be aware that if the circumstances in the relationship between the parties (mortgagors) changes and one abandons the property, the lender will hold the remaining person solely responsible for paying the entire balance due.

If the first mortgage is in just your name and the second is joint between your mother and you would she be responsible for the first mortgage upon your death in Colorado?

If she wished to retain the property. She would in all likelihood be required to refinance the property as the first mortgage holder has priority.

Can an executor of an estate sell the house for an amount that is not agree upon between all heirs?

The heirs are not responsible to the estate. The executor is the one that will have to answer to the court. They will do their best to get a fair price for the property.