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If your parents do not provide a stable home environment can you move out at the age of 18 without their consent?

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At the age of 18, you are considered to be an adult. You do not need mom's or dad's consent to move out.

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Where in Georgia can you get married without parents consent?

Where in Georgia can you get married without parents consent

Can a 16 year old girl move out without a parents consent?

no, to do anything without a parents consent you have to be 18 unless you get their consent you can't move out

At what age can a teenager move out of parents house without parents consent in Florida?

Without consent in Florida, it's 18.

How old do you have to be to get married without parent consent?

You have to be 18 to get married without your parents consent...

Can you get a tattoo under 18yrs old with parents consent in Pennsylvania?

you can get a tattoo anywhere with parents consent oh and by the way if your 16 you can get it without your parents consent

Can you get emancipated with out parental consent?

Yes, you can get emancipated without parental consent. You cannot do it without notifying the parents. And the judge is likely to listen to their opinion about letting you go off on your own. And remember that if you are emancipated, your parents don't have to provide you with anything in the way of money or support.

Can you move out of your parents' house without consent in Washington if you are under 16 and have a baby?

No, you will your parents' consent.

In Queensland can a 14 year old leave home without parents consent?

no you can lwavw homw WITH PARENTS CONSENT at 16 but you must be 18 to leave home without parental consent.

In what states is it legal to marry without parental consent if you are 16 and pregnant?

Georgia will provide a license with a doctor's certification. But they will inform the parents.

What is the age in Michigan to get married without parents consent?

You have to be 18 to marry without parental consent. You can marry at 16/17 with parental consent.

What age can you married in Alabama without parents consent?

In the state of Alabama you can get married when you are 18 without parental consent.

Can a 16-year-old move out of their parents house with consent?

a 16 year old can move out of parents house without consent. Yes, with a parents consent only!

Can a 17 year old male move out with parents consent in NV?

The parents can give them consent to move out. Without it they will have to be an adult.

Can you marry a girl under 18?

Yes but not without her parents consent and if you are under 18 you cant marry with out your parents consent.

Where can you get married underage without parents consent?

lol... no where

Can you get a passport without parents consent at the age of 16?


Can you marry someone without the consent of their parents?


How old are can you be to get married?

you have to be 18 without a consent from your parents or 16 with your parents agreement

Is it illegal to use a parents credit card without a parents consent?


Can a seventeen year old girl move out of one parents house and in with the other parent legally without parents consent?

You can move out without the parents consent, but the parent may take you to court and get you back.

How old do you have to be to get your bellybutton pierced in Florida?

any age with parents consent. 18 without consent

Can you move out if you are 17 and adopted in Michigan without a parents consent?

No, only with parental consent or when you are 18.

At what age can you get married in Texas without parents consent?

Like all states, you must be 18 to get married without parental consent.

How old without parental consent can you get tattoo?

I'm pretty sure that you have to be 18 in most states to get a tattoo without your parents consent...

Can teenagers take antidepressants without there parents consent?

They can TAKE them without parent consent. As for achieving them LEGALLY it differs in some areas.