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If your parents give you permission to move out at the age of 17 in Wisconsin but the court does not what will happen?

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Your parents can grant you permission to leave whereever they wish. The court doesn't enter in to it unless there is a pre-existing court order on the matter.

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Is it illegal to move out of parents consent at 16 in Wisconsin?

A minor can not legally decide where to live without parental permission or emancipation from the court.

Do you need a parents permission to get emancipated?

You do not need their permission. However, the court will talk to them and they do have to know about it.

If you are 17 can you get married without your parents permission?

Only if you can get a court order.

If you dont have permission to get emancipated by your parents can you still get emancipated?

Emancipation is done by petitioning a court. Parental permission is not necessary.

Can a 16-year-old get married in Illinois if she lives in Wisconsin and has her parents' consent?

What you could try is contacting the court house in your state and checking with them. They might be able to point you in the right direction. Also contact the court house in Illinois to see if it is legal there. With parents' permission it usually is.

Can a 16 year old minor get married if on probation?

If she has permission of the court or the parents.

Can a thirteen year old move in with adult sibling without parents permission?

In the US, no, not unless that adult sibling has been granted custody/guardianship by a court, and the only way that will happen against the parents wishes is if the parents are proven to be unfit.

Can a 17 year old girl move out her parents house in La?

Not without parents permission or emancipation by the court.

What are the laws on underage marriage at 16 with a child?

You must have parental permission to marry under the age of 16 anywhere in North America. In some states you can get permission from the court to get married if your parents are not available. You can apply to the court even if your parents don't agree, but the court doesn't have to allow you to.

Can a minor get married with parental consent in Georgia?

{| |- | If the parents give their permission. But until they reach the age of 18, parental permission is required to get a marriage license. In some cases a court order can be obtained to get a marriage license, but that doesn't happen often. |}

Does a sixteen year old have to have permission to be emancipated?

You have to sue your parents in court to gain emancipation.

Can you get married legally at 17 without your parents permission?

Not unless you get a court order that will allow it.

Can a 17-year-old girl legally move out of her parents' home in Maine?

With her parents' permission, certainly. Without her parents' permission she can apply to the court for emancipation and, if granted, then be able to move out.

Does a minor need parental permission to be emancipatted in the state of Pennsylvania?

A court may grant emancipation without the parents' consent. However, the court will listen to the input of the parents.

How do you get married as a minor?

If over the age of 16, you get permission from your parents. In some places a court order can be obtained if the parents are not available.

Why did Wisconsin v. Yoder happen?

Wisconsin took three Amish families to court to force them to send their children to high school.

Is it kidnapping if a non custodial parent take the children out of state?

Yes, unless they have permission from the court.Yes, unless they have permission from the court.Yes, unless they have permission from the court.Yes, unless they have permission from the court.

Can a pregnant 17-year-old move out without her parents' permission if she has a place to live in Florida?

No. She must have her parents' permission, a court order or reach the age of 18.

What is the legal age to dropout of school in Maryland?

16 with permission from parents, legal guardian or the court.

Can you get adopted without parents permission at the age of 15 in the UK?

Only if the court say so.

Are you legally emancipated if your parents let you live with a guy and you are 17?

No, You only have your parents permission. Only a court of law can legally emancipate you.

If living with your parents can you legally move out at age 17?

Yes, if you have the permission of your parents or a court order. Otherwise you have to stay until you are 18.

Can a 17 year old move away?

Nope, not unless you have parents permission or get emancipated through the court.

When you're 17 can you leave without parents permission?

Not until you reach the age of majority or have a court order.

How do you move out of the house at 14 without parents permission?

A 14 year old certainly cannot move out. Without permission or a court order, they are stuck at home.