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If your parents have an issue with you moving out at 18 can you still leave?

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If you are 18 they can not stop you. But try to leave peacefully, you don't want your parents to be mad at you for a while. Try to sit them down and talk with them about why they don't want you to move out, then tell them why you want to move out. Be sure to impress them by having a means to support yourself. Good luck and God Bless:) Nah they definetly can't force u 2 stay, they just have 2 accept the fact that ur grown up now and need 2 live your own life now. I WOULD SAY YES!, YOU CAN STILL LEAVE. TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THEIR ISSUE WITH YOU MOVING OUT, BUT IF IT IS TIME TO ASSERT YOUR INDEPENDENCE, AND YOU FEEL CONFIDENT AND READY I WOULD SAY GO FOR IT. I MOVED OUT AT 18, AND ALTHOUGH IT WAS NOT EASY I HAD MY OWN FREEDOM, AND PIECE OF MIND. YOU ARE BY LAW ANYWAY CONSIDERED AN ADULT, YOU CAN RENT YOUR OWN PLACE AT 18, AS WELL AS ESTABLISH BILLS IN YOUR NAME SO, WHY NOT! Yes you may leave. It sounds as though your parents love you very much and are also concerned about you. Believe it or not, they have many more years of experience and knowledge about the world than you do and they are wise to encourage you to stay at home a little longer. After high school we feel so grown up and usually have a great deal of confidence from all our high school experiences. The world outside has many wonderful people in it, but there are others who can spot a "green" young person a mile away. How they do it, I'll never know, but they are always looking for a victim. I guess the wierdos think that it is there calling in life. So I would get a job and happily stay at home for at least another year. Help out your family and learn more about life as in forming a budget and sticking by it, cooking, cleaning, making repairs, car maintenance, food costs, electric and water bills, rent and more. The more you learn before you leave, the more successful your first experience on your own will be. How about taking a college course or two. The next four years will go by so fast that you will wish that you had more education under your belt. You must be very intelligent to take the time to ask your question. Expect the very best from yourself, and you will be amazed at the great and wonderful things that will happen in your life. Your parents are really your best friends and only want the very best for you. Best Wishes

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If your parents have an issue with you moving out at 18 in Alabama can you still leave?

Yes, once you are eighteen you are legally an adult and there is nothing legally binding that can keep your parents from letting you move put or really do anything.

What can your parents do if you leave home at 17?

Your parents can call the cops on you , and you can go to jail , because your still a minor and you don't have there consent to leave .

Can a kid leave their parents but still live in the same area?

Sure why not sounds great especially if you still have a good connection with your parents.

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If he is moving it is best to just leave things.

I want to leave the house by the time I'm 17 and 9 months can my parents still call the caps on you?

i want to leave the house by the time im 17 and 9 months can my parents still call the caps on me ?

Legal age to move out of parents home?

Can a child leave parents home when 18, although they are still in school.

Can your parents keep you from moving out if im pregnant?

Depends on how old you are. If you are a minor. They are still responsible for you

How do you get your stepsister to leave you alone?

The best way to get a stepsister to leave you alone is to ask her nicely. If she still doesn't leave you alone, you will need to speak to your parents.

Do your parents still love you when they encourage you to leave home?

of course they will always love you in the coolest times

What is the legal age of moving out of your parents house in SC?

18 because if your 17 youre technically still a minor

If you're turning 17 your boyfriend is 24 and you're thinking about moving in with him can you do it without being emancipated and can he be arrested if my parents don't press charges?


You are 23 years old are you still covered as dependent under your parents medical insurance if you start freelancing?

Whether you are freelancing or not is not really the issue. The issue is whether you are willing to admit that you are still financially dependent upon your parents and whether they want you on their plan. It use to be that you had to be going to school - of some sort. Not anymore.

Can you leave home at 15yrs?

A fifteen year old is still a child. Until they become an adult, the parents are responsible for them.

What do you do if your ex still abuses you?

This is serious. Fight back or tell your parents or the police. Make sure that you leave the briuses.

Can you leave your parents house at 17 if you have your GED legally?

Not without their permission. They are still responsible for your actions until you are 18.

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When there is a moving violation, it is usually the police officers discretion whether to issue a citation.

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In Wisocinsin can a 17 year old move out with parents permission but not get emancipated?

Yes, as long as the minor is moving to a safe and appropriate environment. But the parents are still legally responsible for the minor.

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If you are underage and married do you still have to live with your parents?

You do not have to by law, but if you did get married, you're parents most likely gave permission. Hopefully they wouldn't object to you moving out, unless your husband cannot support you.

Can parents call cops if you leave at the age of 18?

yes they can if you still live under their roof they have the right to call the cops on you

What is the rights of a teen parent that is still living at home with their parents in Illinois?

A teen parent living at home with their parents has the right and responsibility to raise their child and not leave it up to the grandparents to do it.

Can a 17 year old who has a baby already leave her parents house in the state of Texas?

Without their permission she will have to wait until she turns 18 in Texas. The parents are still responsible for them.

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