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no, not from you, but from him yes

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Q: If your partner is divorced can his ex claim money for their child from you?
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Do you get more tax money if you claim a child?

If you have more refund or credits available to you, and a "qualifying" child to claim...yes, of course.

Does the money from a child's insurance claim have to go into a trust until they are 18 years old?

In most states, yes. Because it was the child's claim the settlement proceeds belong to the child and the money is put into a trust account until the child is 18. If the parents feel they are entitled to some of the money - they are the ones caring for the child, driving him/her to doctors, missing work, etc. - they should talk to the attorney about making some sort of claim.

If your brother had a child at 1 he lost his parental rights and the child got adopted he was divorced but the ex-wife is still as a beneficiary who gets the insurance money ex-wife or parents?

I'm not totally sure what you are asking but it sounds like the child died. If the child died and the child was insured, the money will go to the beneficiary listed on the policy. If your brother surrendered parental rights, this child is no longer his, so I seriously doubt he has any claim whatsoever.

Do you have to report a big sum of money to child support if you get child support in th state of Tennessee?

i got a large sum of money from my ex husband 401 k when we got divorced do i have to report it to child support

Can you claim a dependent that don't receive child support money and will that affect dependent from not receiving child support money?

Claiming a dependent is not dependent on the child support issue but rather on the amount of time the child spends with each parent.

How do you control who spends your child's disability money when the parents are divorced and has done shared parenting?

Who spends a child's disability money should be part of the divorce or custody agreement. You can ask to amend the agreement.

If you owe back child support and you claim your new child well you get the money back for that child or do they get that money to?

Question isn't clear, but the State will take your entire tax refund, except for the part attributable to your spouse.

If an ex partner whom borrowed money have the right to claim their goods to the value back before repayment have been made?


Do single mothers get more money on their tax return?

No. You can claim the child and take off child care costs, but single people pay a higher rate.

In the State of Michigan if a father owes arrearage for a child who is 28 years old can the child forgive the fathers debt without the mothers consent?

No, the mother expended the money raising the child, she is entitled to payment. If the mother has passed away, the estate can claim the money.

When a divorced man dies and only has one child out of wedlock who inherits his estate His mother or child?

It will typically be the child. The law does not care that the child is not the issue of marriage. If the child is underage, the money will be in a trust fund. Consult a probate attorney in your state for specific rules of intestacy.

If your backed up on child support does the money you claim for your child on taxes go to back child support?

There are programs in force that wll direct your refund to be applied to your back child suppport..hard to tell if your on the list of one. Of course, it's what you would want done with that money anyway isn't it...

Does child support have to be paid for a 15 yr old that hasn't attended school for over a yr?

child support is used for parents who are divorced and have legal custody of the child, so the parent gets money from his/her spouse to help support and raise the child

Do you get more money for a younger child when claiming taxs?

When you claim a child that is under 17 maybe. You may qualify for the Child Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax credit. Also if you pay for child care you may qualify for The Child and Dependant Care Credit.

Is Eddie money divorced?

No he is not divorced. He is still married as of October 1st 2008.

How much money does it cost to get divorced?

how much does it cost to get a divorced in zamora Mexico

How do I fill out a money order a claim card show me?

How do I fill a money order claim card

Can you claim your son who you pay child support for?

if the other parent ant you have an agreement , or a court order states you claim on odd, or even year returns. mine says the latter, but i don't claim , because that money could be used in my daughters house

How can Mexicans get so much money back on taxes?

How do you know how much money Mexicans get back on taxes? Is the question refer to Illegal Mexican workers? If so they are allowed to claim the additional child tax credit for each child.

Sample to make an authorization letter for someone to claim your money?

sample letter for my backpay to claim my money

Does it cost money to be a YouTube partner?

no! if you are a YouTube partner you get paid for making videos

Will child support still have to be paid to your ex-wife while your child is in a residential treatment program?

Yes, unless you can get a court to say otherwise. Child support is to pay for your child. If your child is alive and in the custody of your partner, they get the money they need for your portion of the child's needs. They will still need clothes, and other expenses while in treatment.

If a spouse pays child support on a Tuesday when will the child receive the money?

The child does not receive the money, the adult responsible for the child gets the money.

Can i drag my divorced out for a year if i don't wont a divorced?

If you have enough money for lawyers probably so.

Can you ask for more child support if your ex makes more money now than he did when they divorced 13 years ago?

Yes you can get more support because child support is estimated by income of the payee.. go get it lolh