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Dear Reader; Condoms are not effective protection against any thing so I suggest another plan in that regard. Sperm are very small cells shaped somewhat like a chicken egg with a tail attached. They are very mobile as long as they have a liquid enviorment to move in and that enviorment is near body temperature. Sperm cells can readily travel the distance from the vagina through the birth canal to the cervix and into the womb. There is possibility of more movement and or leakage before the event is over increaseing the possible numbers of sperm available and possibly depositing them inside the vagina. Dwight Are you sure it leaked? if you didn't check the condom, it could have been your own fluids.

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Is there a chance you could be Pregnant if your partner pulls it out without a condom?

yes there is a chance that you can become pregnant from you partner pulling out without a condom

If the condom splits and the man withdraws instantly is there any chance of pregnancy?

Yes, there is a chance of pregnancy

If you use a condom is there a high chance of pregnancy?

Even when used properly, a condom does not prevent 100% of pregnancies. It is not a high chance, but there is still the chance.

What is the chance of pregnancy if your not on birth control but you used a condom?

If the condom is used properly, less that 1%

What should a girl do if she had a sex and during sex they used condom but she does not has her periods?

A condom reduces the chance of a pregnancy; but a pregnancy is still possible. For example, the condom might break, or leak. If you suspect there is a pregnancy, you may want to do a pregnancy test.

Can a girl get pregnant if she and her partner used a condom but holes were poked in the condom?

Yes. If the holes in the condom allowed sperm cells into the vagina, then pregnancy is a possibility.

Without use of condom and no menstruration cycle is there a chance of pregnancy?

Yess very high chance

What is the chance of a girl getting pregnant if the guy smokes marijuana and wears a condum?

Weed does not protect anyone from pregnancy but it can make the guy fumble with the condom. If the condom is used correctly you have zero chance of pregnancy.

Can pregnancy occur if he ejaculated from previous sex that day but didn't during this time even though the condom broke?

There is always a chance that pregnancy can occur if the condom broke. Sorry. There is sperm in the liquid that comes out while having sex. So, yes if the condom broke there is a chance of pregnancy, but not from the previous ejaculation Unless of course you are using the same condom which you should never use a condom twice.

Whats the chance of pregnancy with just a condom?

You cannot get pregnant using a condom unless the condom broke or had tiny holes in it or was taken off unproperly.

What are the chances of pregnancy if i touched the head of the condom with the penis then put it on the right way?

There is a chance, you should have used a new condom.

What is the chance of getting pregnant if you use a condom that has expired?

No one has actually figured out the chances of using an expired condom, but one thing is sure. An expired condom has a much greater chance of breaking, which can cause pregnancy. Don't take the chance.

What if a condom with spermicidal lubricant breaks and the partner ejaculates five minutes after the condom breaks what are the chances of pregnancy?

About the same if you weren't wearing one...

Had protected sex while ovulating but when he pulled out Condom slipped off inside me does this raise my chance of pregnancy?

It may raise chance of pregnancy if the fluids slipped out.

If you use a condom during intercourse will your partner get pregnant? It's not likely, but possible. Condoms should always be used during intercourse to protect against STDs and pregnancy. However, there is always a chance, especially if the condom breaks.

Do you have to wear a condom during sex?

No, it is not required that you must wear a condom during sexual intercourse. However, wearing a condom will reduce the chance of pregnancy and will also reduce the chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Whats the chances of getting pregnant if I used a condom?

If the condom did not rip, tear, fall off or have any holes in it then there is no chance of pregnancy occuring.

Can you get pregnant if you don't enter and if you are wearing a condom?

Pregnancy while the male partner is wearing a condom that is not damaged in anyway and if there is no entry into the vagina, just cant happen.

Does applying water-based lubricant on a condom raise the percentage of preventing pregnancy?

The lubricant reduces the stress on the condom, which reduces the chance of breakage, which reduces the chance of pregnancy. It is important to have most, if not all, of the lubricant on the outside of the condom because you don't want it to slip off the penis during intercourse.

What are the chances of pregnancy if you set a condom with nonoxyl-9 backwards on your penis but it was not unrolled and then flipped it over and rolled it down and began intercourse?

You wore a condom so the chance of pregnancy is 1%.

What are your chances of getting gonorrhea if you used a condom?

Assuming the partner is infected, you have about a 2% chance of being infected.

What are ten ways to prevent pregnancy?

There are multiple ways to avoid pregnancy, communication with your partner is important. Before having sex with your partner you should use a condom, if you forgot there are multiple ways to prevent pregnancy, you should inform a doctor for options.

You want to get sex do you have to use a condom?

Yes. Condoms protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and pregnancy.

Is there still a high chance for pregnancy if the condom broke at the opening and not the tip even if you just finished menstruating?

there is never a 100% answer to that. Even if the condom broke at base.

Is it any chance of pregnancy if your period finished and you will make sex after one week without condom and birth control pills?

Yes, it is always a chance of pregnancy after sex of any kind ,protected or not !

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