If your partner wore a condom during sex and after sex he stayed on top of you with the condom still in place and it leaked and you felt the sperm running down your vagina what is the pregnancy chance?



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Dear Reader; Condoms are not effective protection against any thing so I suggest another plan in that regard. Sperm are very small cells shaped somewhat like a chicken egg with a tail attached. They are very mobile as long as they have a liquid enviorment to move in and that enviorment is near body temperature. Sperm cells can readily travel the distance from the vagina through the birth canal to the cervix and into the womb. There is possibility of more movement and or leakage before the event is over increaseing the possible numbers of sperm available and possibly depositing them inside the vagina. Dwight Are you sure it leaked? if you didn't check the condom, it could have been your own fluids.