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YOur period would come a month after the previous one, not 2 weeks.

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Q: If your period came 2 weeks late one month ago is it supposed to come a month after that or at the scheduled time?
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Can the death of a close family member that happened 1 week before you were supposed to start your period prevent you from getting your period that month?

It's possible. Stress can cause ovulation to be suppressed, but that would've been two weeks before you were supposed to get your period.

Could you be pregnant if you get your period on the 2nd of every month but it is late this month and you had sex three weeks prior to when it was supposed to start?

Yes, take a test to be sure though. Good luck:)

Is it normal to have a period 3 weeks after you had a period?

well it comes 1 a month and three weeks is almost a month. I think it just came early this month. So i would say its normal.

How many weeks after a period should you have another one?

You should get you period about once a month, every four weeks or so.

Why did I bleed 2 weeks before I'm supposed to get my next period?

Because your period came 2 weeks earlier than it was suppose to.

Why do you get your period ever 2 weeks?

Why have i had my period 2 times in a month and lost wight

Could you be pregnant if last month you are late six weeks get your period then this month you are five weeks late have unprotected sex and still haven't had your period?

Yes because you have had unprotected sex and even though you got your period last month you had sex this month and you period hasn't come yet there so you could be pregnant.

What time of the month am i ovulating?

About two weeks after your last period

What does it mean if you haven't had a period in a month and 2 weeks?

You are probably irregular.

If you are 16 weeks pregnant how many months is that?

There are 13 weeks in a 3-month period. You are 3 months and 3 weeks pregnant.

What time of the month are you most fertile?

around two weeks before your period

If you have your period the 20th of the month before last the 12th of last month and the 4th of this month does it mean you are pregnant?

No, it just means your period isn't stable just yet. I used to have my period twice a month before I got on birth control to regulate it. It doesn't mean you're pregnant just because you're getting your period every 3 weeks instead of every 4 weeks.

Am i supposed to hear a hearbeat this soon it has been a month?

Only with the use of an ultrasound at 6 weeks pregnancy.

Is it bad to have your period last for a month?

well some women can have there period last for several weeks and for a whole month.. so i guess its not bad.. ask your doctor in case.

Could something be wrong with you if you skipped your period one month and the next month your was 2 weeks late?

You might be pregnant

Why do you get your period every two weeks and its light and last like three day's?

Your supposed to get it every four weeks or 28 days and its light at the last thre days because your finishing your period

Will a pregnancy test tell me if im pregnant two weeks before my period is supposed to start?

No. If your period doesn't arrive, then take a test

How many weeks are in 24 months?

A 24-month period consists of 104 weeks and either 2 or 3 days (depending on whether or not the period includes a February 29).

How long do you have to wait until you change your barbell?

Your supposed to wait 3 weeks to a month. I waited two and i had no problems

What if you started taking the oral contraceptive 3 weeks ago and your period was supposed to start but hasn't?


How many months pregnant are you if you are 25 weeks?

Month 1 = Weeks 1-4 Month 2 = Weeks 5-8 Month 3 = Weeks 9-13 Month 4 = Weeks 14-17 Month 5 = Weeks 18-21 Month 6 = Weeks 22-26 Month 7 = Weeks 27-30 Month 8 = Weeks 31-35 Month 9 = Weeks 36-40

How many weeks in one month?

There are approximately 4 weeks in one month. It averages out that a month has exactly 4.34812 weeks.

You have been on your period for a month and a half and it is very heavy with blood clots?

If you've had your period for 6 weeks you need to see a doctor.

How long can your period last?

A period can last anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks (or even up to a month) depending on the person.

If you get pregnant two weeks before you are supposed to get your period will your period still come?

You will. I read in a book that if you get pregnancy during your period, it will keep on going, so I think its the same thing.