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You could be. If you are already 8 days late, take a pregnancy test. Brown spotting can occur if you are pregnant and it's during the time you would have been on your period. Also stressing about being pregnant can stop your period. If your pregnancy test comes back negative, just relax and try not to stress about it.

It is also possible that you have a vaginal infection, especially if the pregnancy test turns up negative. Yeast infections, bacterial infections, and STD's can sometimes show up only as persistent brown discharge, without itch or smell.

Your doctor can test for even the tiniest traces of pregnancy hormones, and do a swab to test for any infections. See your doctor as soon as you can, whether it's a pregnancy or an infection.

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Q: If your period is eight days late but you have been having some brown spotting is it possible that you may be pregnant?
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If spotting a wk before period and never come on period but still spotting can you be pregnant?

ANSWERYES, pregnancy is possible but could be other reasons for spotting and missed period.

Is it possible to be pregnant while you on your period?

Having a period (shedding of the uterine lining) and pregnancy are not compatible but some women experience monthly period type spotting during pregnancy.

If so far your having a normal period and you know your not spotting could you be pregnant?

The answer is yes!

Almost 2 weeks late for your period and spotting am i pregnant?

if you had sex then yeah it a 80% possible you can be pregnant -KiKi

Is it common if you could still be pregnant and still have your period?

Not having your period but spotting is int unusual during pregnancy.

Is there high risk of getting pregnant when having a period?

It isn't really possible to get pregnant while having a period.

Could you be pregnant if you had intercourse 2 weeks before but had a regular period with no spotting?

== == * 99.5% of the time having a period means you are not pregnant. * Because you had a normal period then its very unlikely you are pregnant.

Is it possible to become pregnant without having a period?

no you have to ovulate to get pregnant.

Why are you spotting before and after my period?

your pregnant

How can you be pregnant to be on your period?

Some people experience bleeding or spotting during pregnancy that can make them think they're having a period.

What if your on your period but not heavy only spotting can you still get pregnant if he ejactulates in you?

What if your on your period but not heavy only spotting can you still get pregnant if he ejactulates in you?

Is it possible you were pregnant even though you just having your period?

It is unlikely that you are pregnant if you have your period, unless you got pregnant during your period

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