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If your period is four days late and you have stomach aches and headaches is it likely you are pregnant?


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Those are both signs of pregnancy AND PMS. You really need to take a HPT and confirm it as if you are, you need to begin prenatal vitamins and care immediately.


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Unlikely. Go and see the doctor about the headaches

no if you dont have your period your pregnant but if you do have a period you are most likely not pregnant

It takes quite a while for the stomach to grow when you are pregnant. You could have the flu. If you think you could be pregnant, the only way to confirm it one way or the other is to take a HPT.

A girls stomach can hurt anytime. It doesn't mean she is pregnant OR on her period.

well obviously you are not pregnant if your on your period because your period is when your bag in your stomach that holds the baby broke because there is no baby in your stomach.

Try taking a pregnancy test. More then likely It could be that your pregnant.

You can get pregnant at any time but you are more likely to get pregnant 14 days after your period

No. You can get pregnant before, during and after your period.

How do you not know?! There's stomach cramps, blood in the toilet or in your panties, and sometimes headaches.

During your period is the best time to get pregnant.

you could be pregnant but it is best to get checked out.

Missed Period Headaches Tender Breasts Nausea Lower Backaches

Once a girl has her period, she is at a chance to get pregnant if she is sexually active.

i had bad stomach cramps and headaches in early pregnancy, i was convinced i was going to start my period.. but i didnt i now 5 months pregnant and i still get bad heads and some period like cramps.. Hope this helps

You might feel drowsy and lazy. You will get bad back aches and side cramps. You might feel very nauchous and ba headaches. You might feel like you need to throw up because of pain, headaches, stomach aches, or bad smells. You might also have morning sickness and your period will most likely be late or even skipped.

No, but it might mean that she has a stomach virus, or she is starting her period.

You might be pregnant, you might be about to have your period or you might have a stomach bug

If your stomach is hard nine weeks after period you are probably either pregnant or blood is filling up in your stomach

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