If your pump began to run more frequently and now seems to run almost continually could the pressure gauge be defective?

The pressure tank on your well system could need replacing,but the first thing to determine is if the pressure tank is water logged.You will have to empty the system by shutting off the well and draining the house.There is a boiler drain located on the pressure tank tee, that will allow you to conect a garden hose to a floor drain.All you have to do now is open all the faucets and wait till the house lines are finished draining.When this has happened, you can now undo the brass union on the pressure tank tee.Carefuly try to tip the tank to see if there is water traped in the top of the tank.If you can hear water in there, you need a new tank.If there is no water, reconect the brass union, and replace the pressure switch.(A grey box on a small stem,located on the presure tank tee) It would be wise to turn off the breaker to the well, before you attemt to service anything on the well system.

ANS 2 - The above is all quite correct and helpful. -However in many years as a well tech. I found that the most common reason for this problem was water escaping from a leak in the system between pump and well. Very likely a split in the down pipe in either system, - or, if a jet pump, a faulty foot valve, or if it's a submersible pump a faulty check valve immediately above the pump