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Go back to the dentist.

2006-07-31 16:41:35
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My child's retainer no longer fits is there any point in going back to the orthodontist?

Yes ASAP i did not go and get a retainer when mine broke and ended getting braces twice twice trust me that retainer is way more comfortable than braces

How do you wash a clear retainer?

You can get this stuff (depending on where you live) called "Kleenite". I have a clear retainer too, and this stuff is great. You can pour it right into the cap, and put it into a little glass container that will fit your retainer, and fill it with warm-hot water. Don't make it too hot, or it will melt your retainer. Stir the powder into the water, and put your retainer in. Leave it in for about 15 minutes or longer. Rinse your retainer off, and dump the mixture down the drain. Kudos to you for wanting to keep your retainer clean!

Have an inground pool that has a metal ring around pool that holds the liner in place. It rusted to the point that it no longer will hold up the liner. Is there anything on the market that we can use?

Another new or used retainer.

Are hockey defenceman sticks longer than forward?

yes they are

Can a dental crown be made to fit a retainer being worn after braces?

Yes. Technically a crown should be made to closely remember the existing tooth therefore fitting the existing retainer. However, depending upon why the tooth requires the crown the retainer may or may not fit WELL. The ideal situation is to have the crown done and the retainer remade to fit the new crown PERFECTLY. The compromising situation is to have the crown done and adjusting the retainer to fit the new crown IF POSSIBLE. Sometimes the retainer is held in the mouth by a clasp, connector, or portion of the retainer that is unable to be adjusted or changed BECAUSE of the location/shape/size of the new crown. Remaking the retainer may be simply a longer-lasting, better-fitting, easier, or cost-effective way or any combination of such to have a FUNCTIONAL retainer. Remember, the goal is to fix the tooth that requires the crown AND to keep the teeth in their proper positions.

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How long does it take for retainers to fix gaps in between teeth?

If you where your retainer all day every day for two weeks your teeth will start to shift back to that pretty smile you had when you took of your braces. Though wearing the retainer every night after theres a gap takes a lot longer. A few months even. I suggest if you do not want to wear your retainer during the day. That your wear it every night and every evening that your just around the house or every morning that your just around the house. Unless your in a hurry in the morning to leave to go somewhere keep it in after you wake up. THE LONGER YOU WHERE THE RETAINER IN YOUR MOUTH THE QUICKER IT WILL TAKE TO FIX THE GAP!

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